One Night Only

Emily is like any girl looking for love and when she meets Tim her world goes into over drive will she stay the night at her new boyfriends and lie to her parents or will she have her heart broken ?


1. Normal day

I woke up to the beep of my alarm in my ears,god I didn't want to go to school. Its so boring i thought but today i was going to stay positive so i got out of bed a trudged to school. Today was a new term and i didn't expect my friends to be there yet but to my surprise as i walked up to maths there they stood Matthew and Catherine. But wait who was stood with them he was so tall, so handsome my heart stopped. Matt must of said something funny because all three of them where laughing, the new guy, had a dimple just above his chin. What was this feeling ? I felt all warm inside is that wired ? Oh my god am i in love ? no i can't be in love can I ? My head was swimming and i must of turned out for awhile as Matt and Catt where shouting at me to come over. So i did.

"hey guys how was half term?" i asked as normal as I could Which was hard as I still wasn't thinking straight.

"It was good, oh yeah Emily this is Tim or Timmy hes going to be in our class" Matt said it sounded more like a question. So his name is Tim, cute!!!!, Why can't I speak talk stupid brain hes talking to you.

"hey Emily yeah i'm your classes that cool ? I'm new so i thought i would stay with Matt as we go way back, like primary school.... oh i'm boring you aren't I sorry guess i am just nervous" Tim seemed to stutter must of his words. Like I cared. He was in denim dark blue jeans that fitted his bum nicely (yes i looked) and a Super dry top that was just tight enough to see his defined six pack, gosh I was blushing. We talked for a bit about his family and why he moved because his dad left, i felt so bad for him i mean he left them with nothing lets say i thinks there might be more of Tim in my life yet. The bell went so we all walked to English which he sits next to me in.

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