One Night Only

Emily is like any girl looking for love and when she meets Tim her world goes into over drive will she stay the night at her new boyfriends and lie to her parents or will she have her heart broken ?


2. 1 Week on

It's been one week since Tim has started at my school and we have became so close.This morning we walked to school together and now we are sat at lunch alone waiting for Cat and Matt to come.

"Hey Emily can i talk to you ?" Tim had this wired tone in his voice, his never used it with me before and i was starting to get worried i mean i fancied him since he started and now he 'wants to talk'. This can't be good.

"Yeah but you might want to make it quick as Cat and Matt will be hear soon and you know what there like" I replied with a smile on my face trying not to cry or look heart broken.

"Well um..." He scratched the back of his head and looked up at the sun he was thinking. He wanted to let me down easy, called me a freak and run away.

"I was thinking that we are really close and i have a lot of feelings for you and i was wondering if.....Look i'm just going to say it and if you get up and slap me at least i won't have to live a lie". I could feel my checks going red was i getting this right Tim had feelings for me. I'm ugly. God hes talking again brain pay attention.

"...So Emily will you go out with me?" What ? Hes asking me out. I feel like jumping up and down like a three year old that just got a pink pony for her birthday. I thought my insides were going to come out in one little scream.

" OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!" I was shouting as if i was a mental person that had mean asked to get married.

"Yes! I've liked you ever since we met your are so funny are kind and sweet. So yes" I grab his hand and smile, the type of smile that makes you seem like your high but he just smiled back and said "That was easier than i though" He winked and leaned his head in, i closed my eyes and let the magic happen.

By the time we pulled away from each other Catt and Matt there, wide eyed and gob smacked. I giggled and blushed. Tim on the other hand looked ever so pleased with him self.

"O.K we get you two are going out but please please don't swap spit in front of us it makes me want to puck up my intestines" Matt make a gagging motion with his fingers then started laughing at him self, while Catt just nodded excepting that we were finally together even if it meant she had to watch us pulling. We get on with our lunch laughing and joking sharing the occasional kiss then going on laughing at the most random-est things in the world. Until Tim turns round and goes,

"What you doing on Saturday babe?"

"Nothing why?"

"You, me town 11". YAY! Tim just asked me on our first date of coarse i just leaned kissed him and said fine by me with that cheeky smile that leaves a mysterious feeling in the air.

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