A conversation between my troubled protagonist, Leelee, and a barmaid, Roxanna.
This was intended to unstick me from the ground, since I was stuck and couldn't move on with my story. (That's called writer's block, but stuck sounds cooler :)
Leelee is the protagonist in one of my still-going-on-stories, (not on movellas), and yeah... the conversation with the barmaid helped.
I got the idea from Adam Gilray (thank you :), who advised me to have a chat with a barmaid; instead of doing that myself, I let Leelee do it.
Hope y'all enjoy it :D


1. A chat with the barmaid


"if it isn't ma little girl, Leelee."

"Hi, Roxanna."

"What'd it be?"

"Just anything. The usual. Or no. A cup of hot chocolate, please."

"On its way, lass."


"Yes, lass?"

"I don't know what to do."

"Ain't we all there, lass. Just yesterday a couple of morons walked in like they owned the place. Didn't know what they were doin'. 'Just passin' by, ma'am.' Passin' by my ass. Disrupted the peace of ma little house, they did."

"Really? How did you throw them out?"

"What good could a big mama like me do to such fellows, Lee? I was forced to call the police, I was. No good business calling the police. Here's yer cup of hut, hut chocolate, lass."

"Thank you. Mmm. It's wonderful. Outside it's so cold."

"Don't ever run out in such a weather, Lee. Even if ya only want to visit me."

"I had to talk to you. My mind is so full of stuff and I can't get them straight. I don't know what to do."

"Ma sweet little pie. Dish it all out. What am I here for if not for ya?"

"Wal proposed to me."

"That handsome boy? The one who's always with ya? I knew it. It was in my bones. I could just feel yer love. What did ya say? I ain't gonna forgive ya, if ya said no."

"I said yes."

"Well, if that ain't the ring he gave ya, I wouldn't be Roxanna. No, I wouldn't."

"It is."

"Then what's yer problem lass? Did he do sommat bad? Do ya want me to beat him up for ya?"

"No. It's not that."

"Then what is it? Are ya gonna keep it all inside until ya explode? That's no good business, lass. How'd I go around cleanin' it all up, eh?"

"I haven't told Helen or Vi about this. And we're supposed to be friends, but I can't get myself to tell them."

"Ah, now we're goin' down to business, I see. Do ya want me to tell 'em?"

"No. It's - it's supposed to be me, righ? I am the one who have to tell them. But you know me. In eleven years I have been all alone with my sister, and then everything changes when my dad comes back and suddenly I have not only Helen, but Vi and Wal who I don't know what to do with. I don't know such things, Roxanne. I - I have been alone or nearly alone for eleven years. I am going to be twenty-one next year. How am I supposed to know what to do? What do they expect? Wal. He - he accepted me. He knew what was wrong with me and talked to me. With me. We had heart-to-heart-talks and never did I falter in front of him. But Vi. And Helen. What am I supposed to with them? What do they expect? What am I going to do?"

"Hush hush, now. Take it easy, little pie. I understand ya can't have it all crammed up in yer little head. Nowadays not many people think as much as ya. How can ya have it all up there in yer little sweet head?"

"I don't know. Can you tell me what to do?"

"Ya have to tell them."

"But how?"

"That's a good question, lass. How many years have ya known these people?"

"I have known Helen for quite a few years. I only found Vi this year. Or she found me, really. I haven't said anything to Wal. What with his family and whatnot."

"Yer havin' a hard time, ain't ya?"


"What about yer lost dad. What does he have to say?"

"I haven't told him."

"Why not?"

"I don't know."

"Try tellin' him. Dads have ways of thinkin' that moms don't have."

"Yeah. That's a brilliant idea, really."

"Glad ya liked it. D'ya want another cup?"

"No, thank you Roxanna! You've just made my day brighter."

"My pleasure, lass. Yer better than many. Have I told ya about ma boy? He's so rude, ya'd think someone slipped a devil inside me when I was pregnant. Ya can't stop him and I've tried too many methods, but none helped. I even tried to beat him, but that didn't bring me more than backache. He's a sore in the eye, he is. But then sometimes he can be quite the gentleman. Just the other day he brought me roses. Oh. That was before he wrecked havoc at his school. I'm sorry to talk yer ears of, lass. I am an old woman. What can people expect of me?"

"I am glad you do, Roxanna. I always like to hear about your life. It's so colourful seen in the light of my life."

"Don't be too glad, lass. Ya don't know what'd happen if ya do. Just be happy, lass. And be a good girl and give yer handsome boy a kiss from his mama. God knows ya deserve him. And have a good talk with yer pa. It'd help ya loads."

"Thank you, Roxanna. Can I come back to you in a few days?"

"Of course, lass. And don't ya forget me. I'd miss ya too much to hate ya."

"I won't, Roxanna. This is a big hug from me and a kiss from my lad."

"Yer a great girl, Lee. Don't forget me, eh?"

"I am never going to forget you. Bye!"

"Bye, lass! Don't miss yer train!"


"What a good lass, she is. What a - Good afternoon, bright sir. What'd be?"


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