Mia :Midnight

A sweet vampire story written by two character Mia(Sabitha) and her best friend Sapphire.Hope you like it


1. Hello, Damon Salvatore=Mia

I twist my locker key struggling to open my locker and frustrated with Sapphire leaving me alone to open my locker.

"Do you need help"a voice asks. I turn my head to see the most gorgeous guy I've ever met with dark eyes and hair and wearing this dark jacket. The coat looks familiar a little too familiar. I stare at the guy it's the guy I see my evil father Elijah talk to her. Suddenly I have an idea.

"Yes my damn locker won't open"I moan.The guy takes the key and opens my locker.

"Thank you umm"I mumble.

"Damon, I'm Damon Salvatore" Damon replies.

"Thank you Damon I am Mia Mikaelson"I whisper.

"Mikaelson, that's very familiar"Damon asks.

"I'm Elijah daughter"I mumble.

"Oh, Nice to meet you Mia do you want to be my girlfriend"Damon asks.

"Sure"I whisper nodding my head.Damon puts a Lapiz Luzli ring on my finger and kisses my cheek.

I hold Damon hand and smile I think i'm in love with a vampire and he loves me.I just have to keep him a secret from Sapphire and my family.

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