Love and Pranks

The Weasley Twins fall In love,
2 girls..Angelina Johnson and Nicole Black, Sirius Black's little sister.
Written from my point of view(ya'know)

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4. The Sorting Hat

I turned around to see a wrinkled hat sitting on a wooden stool, it's eyes moved.

"The very best of evenings to you! Now... to our new students, welcome. To our older students, welcome back! Another year full of magical education awaits. One last thing, The Forbidden Forest is out of bounds to everyone. First years must remember this, and it would do a few of our older students some good to remember this too" The tall, grey haired man bellowed through the hall. His voice echoed as he placed himself back down.

Professor McGonagall smiled and pulled out a scroll from under the hat. "You will be sorted into your house's now, your house is your future" She gargled.
"Weasley, Fred. Please take a seat up here" The old bat announced, Fred looked at his brother in shock and walked up the stairs and onto the wooden stool that stood before us all. The hat was placed on his head and out of it shouted some words.

"A Weasley? I've already met five of you. Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie and Percy. Now, let me see...GRYFFINDOR" It shouted out, Fred smiled and ran over to the Gryffindor table, seating himself beside Percy.

"Weasley, George" McGonagall announced, looking over at George as he stepped up. "Another Weasley? Tell your Mother and Father to stop having so many children! GRYFFINDOR" It joked before sorting him into Gryffindor. He ran as quickly as he could over to Fred, leaping onto his lap.

As time past, many people were sorted but turn.

"Last but not least, Black, Nicole" I jumped up and shivered, trembling towards the hat. It was placed on my head, a comfy hat but not that fashionable, who cares?

"Hm, tricky one. I can see a Slytherin and a Gryffindor inside of you, girl. So hard to choose, you could become great in Slytherin but you could become greater in Gryffindor. Your brother was such a great Gryffindor though, true to his words" It jabbered on as I sat there in anticipation and nerves. 

"Please put me in Gryffindor, Please put me in Gryffindor" I chanted under my breathe, well that's what I thought. "You want to be put in Gryffindor, egh? Then let that be it...GRYFFINDOR" As I heard my house being called out, I jumped up with happiness. The Lion's table chanted and cheered as I ran over, hugging Lee, Fred and George. Food then gathered on the table.

"Now that the sorting is sorted, a feast!" Dumbledore shouted from the rooftops, I looked down at the chicken on my plate. George digging straight in.

"Let's eat" he laughed, balancing a chicken leg on his little finger.

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