Love and Pranks

The Weasley Twins fall In love,
2 girls..Angelina Johnson and Nicole Black, Sirius Black's little sister.
Written from my point of view(ya'know)

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2. Off the train

The journey neared it's end, I stood up with the twins and walked towards the carriage door, taking a deep breathe. "So, soon we'll be in our houses" Trembling with nerves as the door slid open. I walked towards the main door and placed my feet on the newly cemented floors, not normal cement, you could tell.

I turned around to see a crowd of first years, like me, pushing and shoving to get out but fortunately for me I'd already got out. My body moved along the path, standing in front of a tall man with a great, frizzy beard and Robin Hood coloured clothes. "Oh, little Nic! I didn't know you was coming to Hogwarts this year" The tall, beastly man bellowed. I nodded my head and lined up. "Do I know you, sir?" I asked in confusion, he tapped his nose.

"Yer' brother, Sirius, told me all about ya" He replied, his big, jolly smile lighting up the darkness as he turned around and started walking. "First years, follow me now" He shouted to everyone. I followed behind his titanic footsteps until we arrived at the boats.

"Now, erry'body get into groups of four" He shouted once more to the giggling children, I quickly grabbed hold of Fred and George whilst they grabbed hold of another boy who I didn't really take notice of. Hagrid lead us into a boat, the twins sat at the front whilst me and the other boy sat at the back.

I looked at the boy sitting next to me only to realize it was my old friend, Lee Jordan. "Lee? Is that you?" I quickly blurted out with shock,
"Ah, so you remember me then? Left without even saying a goodbye" He said with just a dash of sarcasm in his voice, I sighed and looked down at my feet. "I didn't mean to leave so quickly" I replied, a tear in my eye.

"What's your excuse this time, Nic?" He rolled his eyes, waiting for my reply but all I could do was look at the water's reflection, the moon carefully glinting across it. "My father died, alright?" I started to rub my eyes, Lee's arm reached onto my shoulder. "Well, you could have mailed me? I'll always be here for you" He whispered, wrapping his warm arms around my slim body whilst I cried into his chest, leaving his robe a bit wet.

"Help us row, you two" George shouted back to us, putting all his might into rowing the boat. I grabbed hold of an oar, I think that's what they're called, and helped row the boat to land. We started to speed things up, like a race to the finish line and we were winning.

"Come on, row faster!" Lee shouted, pushing the oar even harder, our boat soaring through the water. "Be careful!" We heard Hagrid shout from the distance before crashing into the land, my body flew into the air, landing on the cold sands.

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