Love and Pranks

The Weasley Twins fall In love,
2 girls..Angelina Johnson and Nicole Black, Sirius Black's little sister.
Written from my point of view(ya'know)

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6. Friendship

Many weeks had passed since we entered the Great Hall. I had a new female best friend, Angelina, and a two male best friends, George and Fred. 

I rolled out of my bed and stumbled over to my wardrobe which me and Angie, Angelina, shared. My diminutive hands grasped the wooden knobs on the doors, slowly pulling forwards to see my robes and my normal doss clothes. I pulled out my robes and uniform and threw them on, I was the only one awake which was quite boring because I had nobody to talk too. I strolled around my room, looking at the plain walls. I slowly opened the curtains to let in the bright light that shone over my untidy bed.

"What would Sirius do?" I thought to myself, continuing to stroll around the room. "Sirius would probably stick some posters up of naked Gryffindor girls, that's what he'd do. The only poster I had was a poster of Sirius, Remus and James. Peter used to be on the poster but I cut his face out, betrayer. My brother's now in Azkaban because of him. I haven't seen him for so long, sometime's he'd sneak out just to see me and Remus but then that was only a few times a year.

I sat back down on my bed and looked over at Angie, why is she pretty and I'm...ugly? It just wasn't fair, I've always been the ugly one, the one with no friends, the one who was left out but I guess that's changing, I think. I looked back over to see Angelina rubbing her eyes, slowly opening to see me. 

"Morning, Nic" She groaned, not in a bad way but a morning voice.

"Morning, Angie! Nice sleep?" I asked, trying to sound positive and happy.

"Yeah I guess, I had a crazy dream last night...that me and Fred were in a relationship. Weird, right?" She moaned, struggling to sit up, arms stretched out. I giggled a bit and sat back on my bed, Angie stretched and then lay back down look up at the roof which was painted with golden paint.

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