Love and Pranks

The Weasley Twins fall In love,
2 girls..Angelina Johnson and Nicole Black, Sirius Black's little sister.
Written from my point of view(ya'know)

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3. Back on land

I woke up to the sound of shouting and the water soaking my feet, "Nicole, are you awake?" rushed through my ears but all that came out of my mouth was "Sirius, help!" I rubbed my eyes and looked up to see Hagrid and George looking down on me, a smile growing as I came back to life, I didn't die but it almost felt like it. "Sirius? Who's Sirius?" A girl from the crowd screeched out, Hagrid turned around.

"One of the most trustworthy people you'll ever meet" The giant replied with a grin on his face, the girl laughed in disbelief and whispered in her friends ears. "If you've got something to say about my brother, come and say it to me" I sat up, shouting over at the rude, whispering girl. She looked at me in shock, walking up the stairs to where Professor McGonagall was waiting, others followed. I pulled myself to my feet with the help of Fred and George, shaking myself free from the dirt on the ground.

"You alright there, Nicole?" George asked, grabbing hold of my right hand and pulling me closer to him. I nod my head and follow the rest of the first years up the crumbling stairs, meeting with the Professor. She gave a kind of stern and strict look as we arrived late.

"Late, just like your brother" She muttered, turning around and swinging open the giant doors. "Professor, why don't you use magic to open the doors?" A dark haired girl with a muscular type of body asked out of the crowd, McGonagall turned around and smiled.

"Magic doesn't need to be used all the time, my dear. Now please, follow me" She replied, leading all of the first years into the great hall. We followed like a giant snake. 

Chandeliers glistened from far up above, but these weren't ordinary chandeliers, these floated in the air as did the candles. It looked like a dream that an eleven year old like myself would dream about. This dream had come to life, everything I'd ever wanted was right in front of me...everything but Sirius and Father. A tear ran down my pale, freckled cheeks as I tried to get the thought out of my head.

"What's up?" Lee asked in curiosity and sympathy, I shook my head and wiped the tear. "It's nothing, I'm fine" I lied, wearing a fake smile. I looked around at the many people sat on the giant tables, staring back at us. "Look George, It's Percy!" Fred burst out with laughter, pointing at a weak, skinny, ginger boy with no emotion. I watched him as he tilted his head down in shame.

"Who's that?" I walked over to the boys and gave a quick smile as they continued to laugh.

"That's our brother, Percy. He doesn't know the meaning of fun"

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