Along The Snow

I dont know what to say really but my english assesment was to write a detective story so I thought might as well publish it.


1. Along The Snow


I came in after a trying day at work.  I sat down in my cosy living room with the TV on watching the news.  Suddenly an update flashed up stating that a plane had just crashed on a small snowy island north of Canada.  I was shocked and just wanted to go and help find some survivors.


Right so I have just landed after a long and tiring journey and oh, my it looks like someone has dropped a nuclear bomb.  It was a terrible scene bloody and broken bodies everywhere, a plane on fire, broken into pieces and debris scattered like sheep in a field.


I was freezing cold and felt like I had frostbite all over my body it was a terrible feeling.  After a while I had looked around the devastating wreak and discovered that there would have been around thirty five people on this plane.  I could only find about twenty dismembered bodies, but I was not sure since there have been reports on people dying after wolf attacks in this area.


After a couple of minutes I bent down and something caught my eye in the snow an outline of a shoe many of them.


So I decided to follow them after a while I saw a silhouette of an object in the distance I couldn’t make out what it was.  After each small step I took the object became clearer.


Suddenly it became clear it was a person who had been killed there was blood everywhere.  I was confused how, why and when did he get killed?


After this I really wanted to know what had happened so one person found; how may left?


I carried on wanting to find out what had done this.

After twelve hours we reached the camp of the survivors.  I had a look around and in one of the tents there were three dead bodies that looked like they had been torn apart and eaten from the inside out.  It was a terrible sight.  So what to do now?


I decided to sleep at the camp for a night, and then I can carry on in the morning to help find the other survivors.


I got up in the morning after a horrible nights sleep with many wolves howling and got dressed as quick as I could then I set off.


I have just arrived in the forest. It’s dark, gloomy, and very cold.  I slowly searched the area and found a pile of worn wallets next to a histute body.  Who could it be and what does it mean...


The End

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