The story is about a boy called Craig Turner. His school is controled by four bullies and need to be stop but fails and insted Craig wonders ... Why.


5. The End For One

 I started school again that day. Everything seemed quiter than normal. I didn't see Sean and his gang until lunch where it all kicked off again.

     "Hey it's the cripple," Sean shouted for the whole school to hear. I felt a big knot in my stomach and thinking to my self, not again. I was so worked up about what would happen next, I didn't see Dave run  up behind me and crouch down for Sean to push me over. I hit the floor hard and my back cracked. That was it, I'd had enough, the red mist came over my eyes. I hit him so hard he never got back up... EVER!




Sean Grange

1997 - 2012





The End

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