The story is about a boy called Craig Turner. His school is controled by four bullies and need to be stop but fails and insted Craig wonders ... Why.


2. The Doctor

 The doctor arrived just like mum had said, in ten minutes.

     "Hi, you must be Craig. I'm Doctor Clark."

     Doctor Clark looked like he'd just got out of bed. He had long scruffy hair, a white and blue stripey shirt with all the buttons in the wrong holes and trousers, well, looked like a bird had crapped on them.

     "Doctor Clark is going to examen you," Mum said, her little cry had passed.

     "Right Craig," Doctor Clark Said."Could you lift your top up so I can listen to your heart Ok."

     The perascope felt like an ice-cube against my skin.

     "Mmm yes eh Craig I think you've broken a rib. Mrs Turner I will get in contact with the Edinburgh Royal Infurmary and get Craige booked in for an operation,"The word operation hit me like a brick thrown at my face.

     "Thanks Doctor,"my mum's cry started again.

     "Well, goodbye Craig."


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