The story is about a boy called Craig Turner. His school is controled by four bullies and need to be stop but fails and insted Craig wonders ... Why.


4. Operation

  The nurses wheeled me into the operating thearter. The lights were so bright, it felt like my eyeballs were on fire. I got a glimps of the knifes and scalpols which mad my fears worse. The doctor put the gas mask over my mouth an I fell asleep.


 I woke up with a searing pain in my cheast. The doctor came up to me. "Do you feel any pain Craig."

      "Yes," I said weakly. "In my cheast."

     "Ok, I'll get some antibotics to take away the pain."

     "Can I see my mum, she might be worried about me."

     And on the note my mum walked in, I could see had been crying. She gave me a crushing hug which almost sufocated me.

     "Oh Craig, I've missed you so much."

     "I've missed you to."

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