The story is about a boy called Craig Turner. His school is controled by four bullies and need to be stop but fails and insted Craig wonders ... Why.


1. Again

 No, not again, everyday I try to have a peacful walk home from school the're there, them, the bullies Sean Grange, peter Short or Pete as he is known as, dave Grouge and Jame Park. they were all aged between 14 and 15. they always hung out at the corner of the lunch hall, nonw ever went near them knowing what would happen, broken nose or a black eye.

     Trying to run from them wasen't easy, their legs were a lot lot longer than mine. Before I knew it, they got me. Dave spun me round and punched me in the stomach. He through me over to Pete nd kneed me in the, well, lets say a boys weak spot. Again and again, he kneed me so many times I started to think I coulden't become a dad anymore. I fell to the ground and blacked out.


 "Craig, Craig can you hear me, Craig, please open your eyes," I opened my eyes slowly. My mum was looking over my as soon as my eyes opened she gave me a hug. "God, you gave me a fright beyond belive."

     "Mum," I said weakley "Where am I."

     "Your home dear."

     "What happened."

     "I don't know," My mum said with a tear in her eye."iI got worried when you didn't come from school so I came looking for you and found you liying on the side of the road, so I called the Doctor, he said he will come to see you in ten minutes."


   "You want any thing," my mum's tear turning into a cry.

     "A glass of water would be nice."




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