My Mysterious Stranger

Its a short 300 word story I've written for a competition, please tell me what you think!!


1. My Mysterious Stranger


Crack. All of a sudden my body started to fall to the ground crumpling in a pile on the pavement. Great, I’d probably broken my ankle, this is fantastic 5 days before a concert. I tried to pick myself up before collapsing again. Darkness was taking over the sky and I sat there alone wondering how I’d get out of this mess. The screeching of brakes brought me back to reality and I saw a hooded figure heading towards me, making my heart best faster. What did he want? Was I in danger? He leant down so we were face to face but the only thing I could see were his piercing, emerald eyes.

‘Need a hand?’ The words escaped from his lips softly, without effort.

‘I can’t walk but my house is just around the corner.’

Before I knew what was happening an arm scooped under my legs, the other one supporting my back and I was being lifted from the ground. His touch sent sparks through my body and every now and then a flicker of light flashed across his face revealing the smile that played on his lips. We arrived at my house and he gently placed me on the bench before taking my hand and kissing it softly and disappearing into the night. The mysterious stranger… My mysterious stranger.

I thought jumping along to The Wanted would distract me from the stranger but he was stuck on replay in head. I lifted my head to watch Nathan singing when I froze. Emerald eyes. Same smile. He jumped down in front of me seeing my shock.

‘It was you…’ I said in disbelief.

His lips brushed against my cheek kissing it softly, electricity shooting through my body whilst he whispered in the ear,


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