The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


40. The Warriors

Soon, I had been ordered by a doctor to go and cut strips of plaster for casts. I guess i times like these it didn't matter what status you were.

I went over to the table that was set up with plaster and scissors. Perri was there, already doing the job. I took my place on the other side of the table.

Noticing my presence, Perri looked up. "Oh. Hi."

I casually picked up the scissors and looked them over.

"Um, how's your shoulder?" He asked.

"It's okay. Skin heals." I said, and I started cutting. We cut in silence for a few minutes. "Thank you. For saving my life."

"No problem, anytime."

We cut and cut and cut. In what seemed like forever, Abitha swam over to me.

"Hey! How did you get here so fast?" I asked, surpised to see her.

"I ran." she was gasping because her lungs were s tired, " and then when I got into the ocean, I swam. Really, really fast."

"But why? You knew I was fine; why didn't you stay at the infirmary?" I asked.

"Because, Pearl. I heard the news." News about what? I asked in my mind. I didn't really have the chance to ask ths question aloud, because Abitha had already read my expression.

"Wait, you don't?" Abitha looked confused, "But you have been here for what? Two hours now? Nobody has told you?"

"We have all been in shock. Nobody has spoken about it. We go along as if it never happened. Since that is the custom of the Shores." Perri cut in.

"Well, it's a stupid custom!" I exclaimed. "We are doing something about the magic, aren't we? So, it can't be a costum."

"It has been quite a blow to all of us, Pearl. We sort of havent got used to it yet. We haven't even started grieving yet." Abitha sad this matter of factly.

Oh my shells! "Who died?" I whispered, not really sure I wanted to know.

Perri shifted unconferably in the water. He opened his mouth, but then closed it again, but then opened it.

Abitha took a deep breath. "Uncle."
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