The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


18. The Ultimate Daydream

"Waky, waky!" Abitha's voice rang though my sleep.

"Abitha! What the heck?" I exclaimed, rolling out of bed.

"Up an' at em'!'" Abitha was going a little bit overboard.

"What?" I asked, " You never get me up this early."

"Time to train!" Abitha said, as she handed me some clothes.

"These are your training clothes." There were white pants and a browme blouse.

I pulled the training clothes on, and then Abitha pulled ME out of my bedroom.
We changed into our mer forms, and Abitha dragged me down the hallway.

We went down many staircases, but we didn't even touch the floor since we were in water. Everything was so much more fun in a mer form.

We soon came to a iron door. It had a HUDGE metal handle. It took both Abitha and me to tug on it before it even budged.

After pulling and pulling, we finally opened the door. Inside, there was a big room, with cement floors, cleilings, and walls. On the floor, there were many weapons. All kinds you could think of. From gut-you-like-a-fish machetes to little daggers that could only give you a paper cut. On the walls were some other things, and obviously more cared for. These ones weren't rusty like the ones on the floor.

"Take your pick," Abitha guest erred to everything.
I looked at them, but my eyes kept drifting to the wall. I asked Abitha why those perri ulnar items were so speacal.

"They were the weapons of important Shore people." she said, walking to the wall. Abitha pointed to a long and skinny sord and said, "This was the blade of King Federico, The Peaceful Ruler."

"That," Abitha pointed to a small dagger, " was Savarna's, Daughter of The Ocean."
"What about that one?" I asked, looking at a bow. It was made of a dark wood. It was smooth, but not glossy. Almost like driftwood. Hung next to it was a leather pack, with arrows inside of it. The arrows seemed to be made of the same wood as the bow. The arrow heads were made of a green stone. I guessed it was jade.

Abitha looked uncomfterable. " That was Elesmera's bow. You know, the girl who found the magic."

"May I see it?" I asked, swimming over to that spot on the wall.
"I-I-I suppose." Abitha looked as if she would do anything to keep me from touching the bow.

I reached up, hesitating to grasp the smooth wood. So what? I asked myself, It's only a bow.
I clutched it, and my whole world went black.

War. Blood everywhere. Sadness and despair in the air. A terrifiling laugh prierced the deadly scielence. A heavy foot on my chest, as a mark of victory and defeat. "It is amusing, you little Shores," the laugh was now a voice, " you try so hard, only to fail. Over and over again." The voice chuckled.

Then I suddenly saw the scene from above. I saw that it wasn't my chest that the voices foot was on, but it was my terror. There was a girl , withering in pain from a wound unseen. She had piercing blue eyes. Her face looked so familiar. I had seen it before. I just couldn't place where. Her hair was plastered around her face with sweat.

"No," The girl said, despite of the obvious pain she was in, " we have gotten around you. You have power, yes, but we have fate and destiny on our side."

The end of her statement turned into a whisper. It was clear that she was dying. Then she closed her eyes, and I could see that the person who had their foot on her chest lost interest and moved away.

I thought that she was dead, but then she opened her eyes and looked straight at me. She smiled, and I finally knew who's face it was as the girl closed her magnificent eyes for the last time. She had the arrows and bow strapped to her back, and brown hair with silver highlights.

I opened my eyes, and my knees buckled. I fell to the ground. The same face I saw in my vision loomed over my own. "Pearl!" it said in a voice I knew all too well," are you okay?" and I slipped into a deep sleep.
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