The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


4. The Mother of all Fireflies

I ran up to my room, and looked myself in the mirror. I didn’t look any different from what I looked like before math class, ecept that I was dry now.

I let myself fall onto my bed, and looked around my room. Familiar objects greeted me. My old dolls from my early years, my childish Cat in the Hat and Robert Muench books, and a picture hung up of a sea that I drew when I was 6.

Painting and reading are two things that my dad approves of, along with playing the piano. I taught myself a long time ago, and I guess I just have a knack for it. My dad called me Mozartet, the girl version of Mozart.

Thinking of the piano made me want to play it, so I went downstairs again, and started playing Claire de Lune. That song always calmed me down, and don’t ask me why, but it reminded me of the sea.

After that, I went outside and into the woods. It was getting dark now, but I didn’t care. I walked over tree stumps and roots. Stopped to look overhead and see a bird, and mainly just took some time to calm down. I didn’t realize that it was getting darker and darker.

A mysterious, glowing light ahead snapped me back to reality. It flickered a few times, coming closer and closer to me. I didn’t know whether to run away or go closer, so I just stayed where I was. Soon, when the light got close, it took form of a girl.
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