The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


20. The Little Wise Woman--Not

We swam in silence. Did Abitha know that I was eves dropping?

"Do you know what?" Abitha said suddenly, " You need to stop being cooped up in your room all the time. Go explore. Trust me, it will be fun!"

"Um, okay." I said uncertainly, "where do you want me to go?"

Abitha thought for a second. "Anywhere, just as long as you are in the castle."

"Cool." It would be nice to have a little free reign around here.
"Bye. Have fun." Abitha said it like she suspected me to find something.

We went our separate ways. I took some staircases down, but there was nothing interesting. I disided to go up. I swam up and up. I passed a hallway with tons of artwork in it, lined up Ina row. At the end of that hallway Theresa's a art sudio. I made a mental note to come back here.

I finally took the last staircase to the highest point in the castle. In this room, it was very dark. I couldn't see a thing. I swam into the room, where I bumped into a table. Something fell off the table, but it just floated away. Sometimes I was very happy that I was under water.

All of a sudden, light flooded the room. There were heavy drapes on windows, and pillows everywhere. I mean, you could just randomly fall, and you would land on a sea of pillows. I scanned the room with my eyes. It was a very odd room.

I saw a lump of fabric in the corner. Curious, I went to see what it was. I moved some of the fabric around, and a small, wrinkled face popped out.

"Ahhhhh!!!" I screamed.
"Pearl Morlinda of the Shores, desturbing me." The face grumped. The tiny person stood up, and I learned that the fabric was actually some sort of robe that this old woman was wearing. She had a milky white tail coming out of the robes.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am Damita, Questions of all Qestions, The Little Noble Lady." Damita said.

"Sorry to bother you." I said quickly.
"Damita thinks Morlinda has done alot of exploring for day."

"Well, I have seen pretty much everything-wait! How did you know that?" I asked in awe.

"Damita, Questions of all Questions." Damita repeated, as if that answered my question. "Come, come." The little lady guestered for me to sit near her on a big pillow. I sat. "Now, Damita wants to know why Morlinda wants to know."

"I don't understand your question. I don't want to know anything." I said in confustion.

"Damita wants to know why Morlinda is lying." Oh. She was good.

"Well, it's sort of a long story." I said, not wanting to tell her about the eavesdropping.

"Yes, Yes," Damita said, "Damita knows, Damita knows. Damita tell prophecy. Damita tell prophecy to Morlinda right now." The little woman took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and began to recite a poem.

"She shall be the one to do the deed,
Wipe The Evil of his greed,
She is the last hope, for our land,
She will find the cure, by her own hand."

"What was that?" I asked Damita.

"Damita thinks Morlinda should know. It is her own prophecy, after all." Damita clucked.

My own prophecy? Wait, was she talking about THE prophecy. "Yes, child. Damita thinks you are understanding now, no?"

"You-you were the one who gave my prophecy?" I said shakily.

"Yes, Morlinda. Damita was the one."
"Then you can tell me how to start with my quest. I know I have to find a cure,but I don't know how or where!" I said in desperation.

Damita clucked, "Damita cannot tell you that. Messing with the prophecy, that is. 'She will find a cure, by her own hand' tells Damita that she can't."

"Oh." I said sadly, "I just hoped you could shine some light on the subject."
Damita seemed to argue with herself. Her expression kept going back and forth between pitiful and stern.Soon, she began to recite another song.

"Back into the Room of Wonders,
You will find section BD when you wander,
That's where the truth is locked up in cages,
And you will fall away, in a sea of pages."

This was getting to confusing. "Please exuse me, Damita. I really should go."

Damita nodded, "Damita thought as much. Good bye, Morlinda. Goodbye."

I rushed out of the room and down the many staircases.
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