The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


7. The Animals You Don't See in Pet Stores--Hmm, Wonder Why?

After about 2 hours on the rain bridge, I saw a island. It wasn’t big. But it wasn’t small, either. We went on the island and as we did, the water from the rain bridge fell and melted into the ocean behind us. I couldn’t see anything. It was dark and foggy. But I could smell the ocean crashing on the beach.

After about,ten minutes Abitha started shaking. Her eyes were wide open. I shook her arm. She stopped instantly. Her eyes went back to normal. ”They are here. We’re too late,” Abitha whispered sadly.

Before I could ask her what she meant, I heard a noise that sounded like ‘grrrrrrrr’. I looked out the window. There, I saw the most gross thing in my life. These animals had a head of a hyena. Their necks and body were grayish and slimy. I looked closer at them. It looked like they had… wait.. gills? Their bodies were very very long. As they snarled, I saw the flash of their sharp teeth.

“Pearl, get away from the windows!” my dad shouted. I felt a thump. The animals were throwing themselves against the car, making dents.

As the windows of the car broke, Abitha cried over the animals snarling, ”Do you see that flower?”

She WAS crazy! ”Flower? Flower! How can you think of plants at a time like this?” I screamed.

”Just answer me!” She yelled back, ”Do you see it?” I looked out side. There, about a hundred yards away, I saw a green flower. I don’t know how I saw it though all that mist, but it was there all right.

”Yes” I answered Abitha.

”Okay, all you have to do is run past it. Don’t look back. Just run as fast as you can.” She said. She had a very grim look on her face, which concerned me.

” What about you and dad?” I worried. I couldn’t leave them. If we were going to die, we were dying together.

“ We’ll be fine! Now, go!” Abitha rushed me.

I turned and jumped out of the car. I guess she used magic to push me. If my hands hadn’t been there, I would have been hurt. Fortunately, all I got was a few scratches.

I stood up and ran. I heard the growl of the animals behind me. The noise made me force myself to go faster. I’d never run that fast in my life. But I guess that wasn’t fast enough. I felt the hot breath of the animals on my heels. Then, I got a idea. I crazy idea, an Abitha idea. I focused. I put all of my remaining energy to my brain. Then, I imagined something helping me. Anything! I was so desperate. As I felt the teeth of the animal clamp down on my leg, I heard a loud rushing noise roar over the sound of the animals. Then, I suddenly under water.

The rush of the wave relaxed me. I could breathe, just floating around, with nothing to worry about, knowing that the water would take you to wherever you want to go. Dont ask me how I knew this, I just did. And That’s when I realized my leg. Then I totally freaked out. It didn’t hurt, like the smoke that morning.

“ It’s okay” said a voice inside my head. It sounded like the rushing of the water. I realized it WAS the water talking to me! “ Where do you need to go, little one?” It asked.

” Beyond the flower.” I murmered.

Could it be?” the water said to itself. ”Are you the last decendent? Pearl Morlinda?”

“That’s my name but I have no clue what you’re talking about.” I said. I didn’t like how everyone was talking about something I didn’t know about. Then the water retreated washed me up on the grass. Then, my leg exploded with pain. I couldn’t bear it. I fainted.
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