The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


32. Oh, God.

There were people bustling even outside of the throne room. We stood there, outside the doors. When the last of the Shore people disappeared inside the throne room, Amilia came out.

She had her rosy cheeks puffed out, and her arms are crossed. "I'm supposed to be a good girl," she said, " or else I won't get candy. That's why I ain't hurting you." She took in a deep breath, "My daddy says to get ready, and when the doors open, go down the hallway. He says that you will know what to do then." Then her pink tail disappeared through the wooden doors.

My palms started to get sweaty, if sweat can happen under water. I realized this was probally a really big thing if Amilia was being GOOD. I was frozen. She had said that I would know what to do then. But I didn't! I just realized that Abitha hadn't told me what to do!

"You ready?" Dad whispered.
"No! No, dad, I'm not! Can you go tell them to wait a bit?" I began to turn down the hallway. The doors chose that moment to open.

"I'll go first. You wait until I've sat down, okay?" Dad whispered out of the corner of his mouth. Then he swam slowly down the hallway, head up with dignity. When Dad reached the end of the hallway, he bowed to uncle, swam to the side and sat down in an empty chair next to Abitha.

There were so many Shore People there that I couldn't see the walls or the floors. I could only see the red carpet leading to where Uncle sat in his golden throne. A smaller throne was placed next to it. It was silver metal, with gems graved in it to look like flowers. Next to my throne, there was a stand with a chorion that I saw earlier. Only this time it had a tiara on it. The design on the tiara was the same design on my throne.

Thousands of Shore people stared at me. Self consously, I swam slowly down the red carpet. I bowed to my uncle, then stood infront of everyone. Amilia was wrong! I had no clue what to do! I glanced around. I saw Dorie, Kolos, Perri, and even Damita was there. Abitha caught my attention. She was mouthing something.

'bow.' was the word she was mouthing. I dipped into a small cursey. I looked at Abitha for guidance.

She mouthed, 'throne'. I sat on it. People started giggling, and Abitha slapped her forehead.

'Stand' she mouthed frantically. I stood so fast that lights popped before my eyes.

Suddenly, a very tall Shore with a crooked nose appeared beside me. It looked like he was wearing a white bed sheet.

"Pearl Morlinda Lavoie of Pennsylania, Daughter of ex Queen and King, Dallin and Marian Lavioe, niece of his Royal Magesty King of the Shores." He announced. "Do you swear that you will fulfill your duty to your kingdom at all times? Do you swear that you will protect the Shores with your life? Will it be your life?" Wow. Hard core.

I glanced at Abitha. She nodded. "I swear." my voice rang out clear.

Mr. Bed Sheet continued, " Do you agree to be Princess of the Shores at all times unless of causes of death, or you are called away for your duty?"

I gulped. "Yes." my voice was a squeak. I cleared my throat. "Yes, I agree." I practally shouted.

Mr. Bed Sheet turned gracefully to the stand with the chorion. He carefully picked up the tiara, turned, and placed it on my head. My neck and head wobbled because of the sudden wieght.

It seemed to me that everyone in the room drew in a breath when Mr. Bed Sheets shouted, " Annoncing Her Royal Magesty, Pearl Morlinda Lavoie, Princess of the Shores."

Everyone let out that breath. The Shores People clapped, as I did a light curtsey to Mr. Bed Sheets and then to uncle. After the clapping, I faced them, my cheeks red hot from embaressment. The Shore People bowed too, and I curtsied back, deeper this time.

This was it. This was me. The new me. I was no longer 'Pearl', not 'Pearl Morlinda', not 'That Lavoie Girl' not even 'Fish'. I was Princess. I was someone important. I suddenly had a wierd desire for Stacie to be here.
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