The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


6. Not What I Would Call a Bedtime Story

I led Abitha to the house thinking she was a little bit of a nutcase. My last name was Lavoie, not Morlinda. I knew that my dad would know what to do. When we got there, my dad was reading a book. He stared with disbelief at Abitha. I guess some sort of understanding went between them.

“Wait, you two KNOW each other?” I asked.

My question was ignored. “Pearl, get in the car,” My dad said. My dad? Telling me to get into the car so urgently? Weirdest day ever. I now I was starting to get scared. I obeyed my father, wondering where on earth we were going.

My dad and Abitha followed me, and we filled into the station wagon. After so many years of just sitting there, I was surprised that it still worked. But it roared to life, and then we were off.

We drove for hours in our dinky little car. And when I say hours I mean HOURS. After about 12 hours we came to the ocean. The headlights glowed on the beach as waves rolled up to the sand. ‘What now?’ I thought. But apparently my dad was a man with a plan.

“Would you do the honors, Abitha?” my dad asked.

. “Don’t mind if I do,” she answered. With a flick of her hand, it started to rain. But that wasn’t all. The rain started to gather where the water met the sand. It wasn’t long before I realized the rain had become a bridge. Like I said, weirdest day ever.

Our car rolled along the water bridge.(Wow, I feel so weird saying that.) “How on earth did you do that?” I asked Abitha in amazement.

”Oh, a little bit of knowledge and a lotta bit of practice.” She answered.

”But, that’s impossible! It’s like magic!” I pointed out.

Abitha just laughed. ” I bet they don't teach you about things like magic in the school where you live.”

“No, because there was no such thing as it!” I said, getting frustrated now.

“Oh, there is magic, or, there used to be,” Abitha said, “All the other magic was wiped out. Nobody knows why.”

My eyes widened. After all that happened today, I felt like I could believe Abitha.

She continued, ”But about a thousand years ago a successful Shore-“

“What is a Shore?” I asked. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions.

“A Shore is a person who can live in water and on land. You will learn about them later. Can I continue now?” Abitha said, starting to get annoyed. I nodded.

“A Shore whose name was Elesmera, a queen of the Shores, actually, recovered a little bit of the magic. The bit of it that she found was given to all Shore people, to use to find the rest of the magic. Legend has it that Since Elesmera found it, only her decendents were allowed to try and find the magic.”

“Wait- what are you talking about? I don’t get it.” I interrupted. Abitha smiled.

She went on, ”Elesmera tried to find the rest of the magic, but she was killed in the process. So, her decendents started trying, one by one. And one by one, they failed and either returned injured or didn’t return at all.”

“Oh.” I said. “ So, no one will ever be able to find the magic? It’s lost forever?”

“Not yet.” Abitha assured me. “A prophecy was given when another princess and descendant of Elesmera was born."

“ And what did the prophecy say?” I asked. That’s it. I was hooked on this story.

Abitha grinned a big wide smile, like she knew something I didn’t. Well, that’s true. “The prophency said that this baby princess would be the last decndent, and she would be the last chance of finding the magic.”-

She was cut off by my father. “Abitha, don’t tell her everything yet,” he interrupted.

”Aw, man! I was just getting to the good part!” Abitha complained. ”How long did you think you could keep it from her? She’s gonna have to know sometime!” she teased.

”Uh, keep what from me?” I asked confused. I knew that this couldn’t be real. Could it?

“ I’ll tell you when we get there.” My dad said, and he returned his focus to the umm….rain bridge.

Okay. I needed time to think this over. My new friend is magical? Like, is she a magical creature? Or, does she just know magic? Am I magical? ‘No.’ I told myself. But, if Abitha is magical, maybe- I ended that train of thought. I can’t let all this craziness get to me.
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