The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


30. Jitters

The next morning, I was surprised to realize that Abitha didn't wake me up for
Training. I looked around my room, and on a chair next to the bed was the dress I had picked out for my coranation. It's purple flowing skirt fell delitctly onto the floor. But no! It couldn't be today. I groaned. It WAS today. I fell back into bed, borrowing myself into the covers. Maybe they wouldn't find me. Yeah right.

I slid the dress on, went out the door, then turned into my mer form. I swished
my white/ purple tail and made my way to the great hall. When I got there, Abitha was swimming in the middle, holding a clip board and pen. The soldiers that usually were lined up against the walls were being given orders by Abitha.

" You, will put the throne in place," she pointed to the first soldier.
"Yes, miss." He swam off.
"You," Abitha directed the next soldier, "will be in charge of seeing that the food is In proper order. I want everything to be organized, people, organized!" the soldier rushed off, overwhelmed. Poor guy.

"Oh, hi Pearl." Abitha said, noticing me. She didn't even look up. Abitha was looking at something on her clip board.

" What's with the drill?" I asked, wondering why all of these people were being ordered around.

She tucked a wisp of hair behind her ear. "There is so much to do, and so little time to do it!" She looked at me, studying my appearance. " You need a little work."

She turned her head to a Shore putting a cushion on a stand. "Hey! You there!" The bewildered Shore came over. Abitha handed her the clip board. "Everything on this list must be done. The courant ion will be held in the thorne room, but the party in the ball room. Good luck!"

And with that, she took my hand and rushed me out of the throne room. She lead me to her own room. She sat me down at her desk and handed me a hand mirror. "Abitha, what--"
"Don't talk! You will distract me! It's hard as it is to do in the water!" I looked and suddenly there was a hair curler in her hand. She began putting my hair into a half ponytail and then taking locks of my hair and rolling it onto the hot curler. I waited patently until she was done.

Abitha released a sigh. "How do you like it?" she held up the mirror. My long hair bounced elegantly over my shoulders in full ringlets. On the top of my head, my hair was pulled back. I absolutely loved it. It was much better than my hair being boring straight.

Abitha read the look on my face and smiled. "I thought you would like it."

"But Abitha, wouldn't the water mess it up?"

"Nah, the curler does something to t to protect it. Not really sure what."


She took out some sparkly lip gloss. She applied it on my lips very lightly.

"Abitha, wouldn't the water--"

"Shh! You'll mess it up. Oh, and yeah, the lip gloss is also waterproof." She took a step back and considered me. "Your eyes are perfect already; they don't need anything. Hmmm."

She rearranged some of my locks of hair, throwing some over my shoulder, laying some in the front. Then light comes into her eyes. She snaps her fingers and opened the desk drawer. Inside was a little powder box. "Just to give you something extra."

She took the puff and brushed the powder across my forehead, cheeks, and nose. She gave me the mirror and she took something else out of her drawer. I looked at my reflection and saw that the powder made my skin sparkle. Not like it would sparkle with gems or something, but more like a glittery sparkle. Abitha started spraying my hair with something.

" I couldn't really do much will you," Abitha said as she sprayed, " you need more of a natural look. But I still think that it's fun to dress up once in a while."

I smiled at Abitha. She smiled back. But then she recollected her self and she was in 'hurry hurry' mode again. "The spray was to make your hair shine." she explained quickly. "Now go find Dad. There is no doubt that he will be dwaddling. Make sure he doesn't. You need to be at the throne room in two hours." Abitha turned me to the door.
"I won't see you again before the courant ion," she said. Then, she hugged me. "Good luck!" came the whisper.
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