The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


9. I Lose My Cool

In about 2 days I was heathly enough to go out side. My leg didn’t hurt as much anymore. Dorie treated me like a queen. Whatever I wanted was mine, no that I took advantage of her. Its just Ive never been liked my anyone. I imagined Stacie Shoeman seeing me now. In a magical land with a big chunk out flesh missing out of my leg. Wait, I don tthink I would want her to see me.

I thought about my life before all of this. With school, my house my dad.. wait a second, I thought to myself, Were is Dad? Or Abitha? I struggled down the stairs. “Dorie!” I shouted half-way–down.

“ Yes my dear?” She rushed to my aid. She was in the middle of pinning up her long, dark, hair into a bun like she always does.

“ I need to find Ab- oops- Silverfish! And my father.” Dorie looked kind of hurt. Was she offended that I didn’t want to stay with her?

“ Okay,” she said quietly, I will take you into town. Come with me to find some shoes that will fit you.”

We found a pair of old worn-out shoes that were a little small on me but were okay for now.

“Why don’t we go to the hospital?” I suggested. Maybe they got hurt. I shuddered.

“ Technically, we don’t have a hospital,” Dorie acknowledged, ”but, we do have a inn that sometimes takes in the injured and homeless.”

We walked (or in my case, limped) across the field and down a cobble stone lane. Brightly colored houses lined up in rows, making me smile. Soon, we came to an old looking tiny wooden building. It had a sign hanging down a lane with brightly colored houses until we came to a small wooden building. It had a sign on the door that read, ”The Mermaid’s Rock.”

The tiny inn had one dusty window. I looked though it. Inside I saw a little wooden bar and tables. I could make out a staircase leading upstairs. “ Uh, Dorie?” I asked.
“ Yes Pearl?” came the reply.

“ Isn’t this supposed to be a hospital\ homeless shelter?”

“ Yep”
“ It looks like a bar to me,”

“ Oh, that’s because that was what it was meant to be. But the owners turned it to a shelter and never had the time to remove this other stuff.” Dorie explained as she held the door open for me.

It was very stuffy inside the inn. Dorie led me to the narrow staircase. When I went up, there was a big room with white cloth hanging from the ceiling creating little private areas for the patients. There were nurses dressed in white and black dresses. One came up to Dorie and I.

“ May I help you?” she said a little annoyed that her patients were disturbed.

“Yes”, said Dorie, ”we are looking for Silverfish and Rowan.”

The nurse looked at us quizingly.” And what,” she asked,” would make you think that you were fit to visit the prince?" What prince? I almost said. I was still getting used to people talking about stuff I didn’t know about.

"Because this is his daughter.” Dorie cut off my thoughts.

“ Oh my shells!” exclaimed the nurse. ”the last descendent!! I’M SORRY!!! Please, come in!”

“ So, what about the patients?” I asked. What if they didn't find dad or Abitha? We're would we look then?

“ Oh, yes,” said the nurse,” we haven’t seen the prince, Silverfish managed to get into our hands. Follow me."

The nurse led us to a little bed at the end of the hallway. In it there was a girl. Abitha! She was trying to convince the nurse looking after her that she was all right. Then Dorie coughed, and the attention was turned to us.

“Pearl! Oh, Pearl, we thought the suckshi got you! Thank the water gods your safe! Your father would have my head if anything happened to you!” Abitha cried as she tried to get out of bed. The nurse scolded her and pushed her back into bed.

“ What is the matter with you?” I asked.

“No, tell me every thing from the begining,” I cut off

” Okay, after you jumped out of the car, some of the sukshi went after you. I heard a ripping noise, and then your scream, I thought that-well- they did what they planned to do. We crossed the border soon after. Your father went into it, and with your dad gone, no one was driving the car so I crashed into a tree. And then I ended up like this. 2 broken ribs! Of course, they healed it with magic, but, nurse Worry- Too-Much here says I can’t get out of bed until someone comes to get me. The End” Abitha finished.

“ What happened to my dad?” I asked. “ Each time someone goes across the brorder, if they are travaling with 2 or more people, one person gets taken as a hostage. It's the price you pay for crossing into Anicon.” Dorie answered me.

"WHAT!!!!! ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT MY FATHER HAS BEEN LOCKED UP IN SOME STUPID BORDER?” I outraged. Then, with a sad tone and tears in my eyes, I added,” What is this crazy place? Magical borders that take prioners, wild animals that are sickining, and people talking about stuff I have no clue about! Please, can’t someone do a little explaining around here?”

Everyone looked at me with pity.

”I’m not so sure anyone in this room is the right person to tell you that, Pearl,” Abitha spoke up.

“ TELL. ME. NOW!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. I was mad. I was confused. Most of all, I was scared.

Abitha looked at me with a sad gleam in her eye, than said, “ Sorry, Pearl Morlinda. This is for your own good.”

She put her hands in front of her and closed her eyes. All of a sudden, a wave of tiredness hit me like a bowling ball. My eyelids felt like bricks. “ What do you mean?” I tried to say,but, it came out as a mumble. I couldn’t help it any longer. I feel asleep.
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