The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


11. Hey! I'm Princess! Respect the Tail, People!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She said, “Breathe! Pearl, trust me on this one, BREATHE!” I could hear her even in the water. I was sure I would die, but then a strong force slaped me on the back. I was so startled that I breathed in the water. The sharp pain in my chest went away. I felt much better.

I felt a slippery feeling in my legs and looked down. My legs were a tail! They were a pearly white with mouve. By this time I wasn’t surprised. Things like this had been happening very often now. Only Abitha was amazed. “ Wow! Lucky! It’s beautiful!” she said, Breath taken.

“ I know, right?” I said, grinning. I laughed at the irony, because everyone at school would tease me and call me "fish" when now I was a real fish!

"You are now a offical Shore, Pearl. This whole castle is. Welcome." Abitha said proudly.

“ You wouldn’t had a chance to morf into your mer form if I haden’t hit you.” Gwolf said proudly.

“ This is probably the first time he was right, Pearl. He saved your life.” Abitha glanced at me.

“ Thanks,” I said quickly. Gwolf just grunted.

Abitha turned and led me down the hallway. The wallpaper was decorated with shells. The light ficures’s shades were shells. The ceiling was very high. I swam up there. It felt like I was flying! Well, at least it was fun pretending.

I dived toward Abitha. “ Watch it!” she warned me. “ Your not used to your mer form.”

I looked back toward Gwolf. He was wearing a army color t-shirt. His tail was a iron grey. I was wearing a t-shirt, too, but it was the color of my bedsheets. A royal violet. How did I change so quickly?

I shugged. On the way to whereever we were going, I saw ballrooms with white marble walla and orcatrra stands, kitchens with bustling Shore people, and great halls with framed scales.

We finally came to wooden Double doors. There was a huge brass knocker. Abitha used it and said,” It’s Abitha Silverfish, Gwolf Greyanrad, and Pearl Morlina!“

At the sound of my name, the double doors opened.Inside was a wide hallway with knights lined up on each long side. They were wearing silver armor and there tails were a soft blue. At the end of the hallway, upon a great gold thone, sat a king. He was wearing a bloodred shirt outlined with furs and shelles. His cloak was lighting blue with all kinds of jewels. The water billowed the fur outlinging the cloak. On top of his dark brown hair, sat a gold crown. It had shells lined up on the bottom. On the 3 peaks, were 3 sea blue jewel. The king himself didn’t look so good. His eyes were misty and he sat hunchlike. He was sweating. His arm fell limping at his sides. I was sad for this king. He was so sick, yet he had the burden of ruling the whole kindom. Then, all of a sudden, the king sat up sraight. The mist cleared from his clear green eyes. My eyes.

The king looked all better now. Even his short beard couldn’t hide the smile he smiled.” Thank you my dear,” The king said to me. "You are just flowing with magic, aren't you?" He chuckled.

Knowing that I didn't know how to respond, Abitha said, “ My Lord, Pearl has been waiting for information on her back ground.”

“ Ah ha! That it true, well, Wait and you shall get, my dear, wait and you shall get.” The lord replied.

“ Sit down, my Pearl, for this shall take a while." The king got confer able in his chair while I sat on the marble floor. (Which is harder than it looks with a tail.)

"Abitha tells me that she has already started the story." The king told me.

"Yes, we left off at how the newborn princess was the last chance of finding the magic." I said, recalling what Abitha had told me.

"Ah, yes. Well, Miss Morlinda, Unfotchanatly, evil heard this profefecy. Back then, he was refered to as Evil, but now he goes by Kior, Lord of Evil." The King shuddered. I wondered if Evil changed his name because he thought made people more frightened. I wasn't. A name is a name.

"The Lord of Evil was against the finding of the magic. He had a little himself, but evil magic. So, Kior placed a curse on the infant shortly after the profecy was told. The curse is to prevent the princess from finding the magic by distracting her. However, there is a cure. If she can find this object, it will help her find strength within herself, and see herself by different means, the curse will be broken."

"What do you mean, see herself by different means?" I asked the King.

He looked thoughtful."I'm not sure. I am just repeating Kior himself. I was there when he announced the curse on the infant, but by he time we knew what he was doing, it was too late. He had already whisked away, leaving the frightend child in her crib."

"Well, who is this girl?" I asked,"and why are you telling me this?"

"Gosh, Pearl," Abitha/Silverfish said, rolling her eyes, " I thought you would have caught on by now."
I did. I did catch on. I got it. I knew why I was here. There, that was the truth. I looked into my uncle’s eyes.

I was the last decendent, Pearl Morlinda, Princess of the Shores.
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