The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


13. Giant Gull, Meet Suckshi

I didn't really know how to respond to that. I mean, a grown man, singing a random song like that in public? Crazy. So, I returned to the subject of my mom.

“ Where is she now?” I asked my uncle.

“ No one knows. She wen’t scerching for the magic an never retuned.” My uncle said.

“ That reminds me, we have to get your father.” With that he took my hand and marched me out the door.

My uncle and I changed into our mer form. The Kings's lighntedning blue tail swished as we swam down the hallway.

“ Mrs. Dorie Angel and Abitha are to aconpiy you to the border.” The king said.

Remembering the animals, on the night I got separated from my dad, I said, ”What were the animals that almost killed me?”

“ The suckshi,” The Lord said, ”They are animal sevents to Kior. He sent them to kill you.”

“ Why,” I asked, "did you look so horrorably sick when I got here?” Might as well get some questions answered.

“ My, my,” my Uncle said,” aren’t you full of questons today.”

I gave the king a look and he said,” But then again, you did have a very full day. Without magic, the world will stop believing. It has already been a long time and slowly people are forgetting to belive. When everyone stops believing, all the people of the world will disaper. So, as you could imagne, I was under a lot of stress. I wasn’t feeling well. But as soon as You walked in, the magic that was waiting to burst out of you overflowed and came out. It cured me."

"Is magic really that easy? It just flows out of you?" I asked.

"No," said the king, " you will be using your magic often now. The buildup will cease, so then you will have to learn how to control magic the normal way. Abitha will teach you that as part of your training."

Walking down the hallway, we came to a door. The king knocked. ”Abitha, we are ready,” he said. When she came out, Abitha was already in her mer form. I supposed that her room wasn't water proof.

Abitha as we said our goodbyes to my uncle, Abitha pretended that what happened earlier today never happend. Together we traveled out of the casle and into the great open sea. The water was clear but it shimmered light blue. The sandy ground was covered with brightly colored coral. A lot of other fish swam by us. Some were just normal fish and some were Shore people. They all stared at me. Some of them had the guts to come up to me and bow and say,” Good day, Princess”.

All little while on, a woman Shore with a pale yellow tail swam to us. It was Dorie! "Pearl! Oh, there you are I was looking everywhere for you.” Dorie exclaimed.

“Hey Angel, we should have set up a meeting place.” Abitha said.

“ Mrs. Dorie Angel to you, Abitha.” Dorie said.

“ Dorie!” I exclaimed with joy. I’d missed her very much since the day when we found Abitha."

"Angel, Pearl." Dorie whispered in my ear, "Call me Angel when we are under the sea.” She hugged me.

"Hey! How come she doesn’t have to call you Mrs. Dorie Angel?” Abitha complained. Dorie didn’t answer.

We swam until the water got really shallow. Then I didn’t feel water on my head. The water disapered and I was on the shore. I looked up and saw that Abitha and Dorie had already turned into their human form. Dorie was wearing a long brown housedress and had her dark brown hair tied up in a tight bun. Abitha was wearing her blue t- shirt and jeans. Her brown-silver hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

I soon felt my legs come back, and I stood up. “How long is it to the border?” I asked Abitha.

“Well,” she said, “ along time without using these.” Abitha wisked out of her back pocket three black feathers. “ Plucked them myself from a gull.”

“Abitha!” I exclaimed. “You plucked those feathers from a poor birdie?”

“Hardly poor, I ‘d say. Wake up, Pearl, it was a gaint gull.”

. “The Gaint Gull? It attacked you?” Dorie said in awe.

“Yep. And fell right out of the sky with the blow of the blade.” Abitha said proudly.

“What?” I asked.

“ The Gaint gull,” Dorie explained,” is a magical bird that the Lord of Evil himself created. It is his eyes and ears on earth. The Gull was on a mission to wipe out good people, so it would attack you if you had a pure heart. If it catches you, you will die, but if you kill it first, you get it’s magical feathers. They will take you any where you want it to go.”

“Oh. Well then, Lets see those feathers” I said.

We all joined hands, and Abitha closed her eyes and said,”The border.” A small gust of wind blew though my hair. A moment later, I was in a different place.

There was the green flower that Abitha had pointed out to me, all those days ago. But there was also something I didn't notice that night.

A wall of mist ran from my right to left, and there was no end. The top of is wall went up to the clouds, and beyond that as far as I knew. Abitha and Dorie were standing beside me. “ We are here,” Abitha whispered.

“ I ‘m guessing that’s the border?” I asked. But Dorie and Abitha nodded. We stepped toward the border.

We all looked back to the border. Up close, I noticed that the border had gray, flat figures that stood frozen inside of it. The ghostly figures spooked me out, but hey, my dad was supposed to be in there.

Thousands of figures were trapped in the border. All type of people. Tall, short, fat, skinny, boys, girls, men, women, and even a peacock. “ How am I going to find my dad in this mess of people?” I asked Dorie.

“Well,” she said,” We’ll look.”
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