The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


36. All Hell Has Been Loose..Who Wants to Clean it up?

I was too preoccupied with the arrows flying through the air next to my head to pay any attention to Ciara's cries. I was so distracted that I hadn't noticed small monsters climbing over the wall. They were about half my height, but with sharp shark teeth teeth. They had no tail, but I did spot gills under their pointy ears.

It wasn't until these shark-goblins started to attack my station that I started in action. I started firing my arrows at the shark-goblins swimming up the wall. I realized too late that there was too many of them, because I reached into my sack, but I had run out of arrows.
I looked around me franicly. Ciara was cradling Aideen's body, when everyone else in my stations were battling the shark-goblins already on top of this wall. They were fighting with daggers and swords. I stared at Ciara. I felt sorry for her because she lost her friend, but I thought that she was stupid for staying on the wall. I crouched next to her.

"Ciara, you need to get out of here," I shouted over the noise of shark teeth and swords.

"I-I-I c-can't leave her-r," Ciara blubbered.

"Carry her then! You are strong, and the water makes it lighter! You just need to go!" I was getting a little frustrated.

She didn't say anything, se just nodded. Picked up Aiddeen and turned to the tower when a shark-goblin jumped in her way. Ciara screamed, and the goblin bared it's teeth. "Quick, get behind me!" I screamed. Ciara did not hesitate to follow orders.

"Do you have any weapons beside your bow?" I whispered to Ciara.

She fumbled in her armor. She drew a pocket knife. Better than nothing. "On the count of three, run forward. Don't look, just run." I breathed. Ciara handed me the knife and renewed her hold on Aideen. The shark-goblin tilted it's head like a curious dog.

"One." the goblin saw my mouth move. Apperently he didn't like that. He pounced. "Three!" I shouted.

The confused Ciara and I ran the goblin through. Our force together pushed him over the wall. I got Ciara and Aideen to the tower. She laid Aideen down.

"Can we...can saved?" Ciara asked sheepishly. I looked at Aideen. I put my ear to her chest. There was a faint flutter. Aideen opened her eyes. She looked at me. "Fire." was all she said. She closed her eyes. I listened to her chest. The flutter was gone.

I looked at Ciara. I shook my head. Her lip trembled, but she nodded. "She was a brat, but she was my friend." Ciara wiped her nose on her hand.

"Do you know what she meant by 'fire?'" I asked Ciara.

"Aideen means 'fire' in Celtic."

I looked at the wall. All of the remaining Shore people had already retreated. The Shark-Gobins were trying to get into the other tower, but someone had locked the Wooden door. The second door didn't even seem to occur in the shark-goblin's thoughts, since they were too busy throwing themselves against the door. But soon enough, I knew that it would soon break, and the shark-goblins would be inside the castle.

I didn't know what to do. I turned to Ciara. "Go and warn everyone who might me hiding near that tower." I told her. She ran off, leaving Aideen.

The goblins were trapped there for the moment, but not for long. Could they possibly be destroyed? Yes, but there was only one of me and two dozen of them. All of a sudden, Aideen's last word came to mind. Fire.

That's it! That's what I would do. But would it work? I have not done magic successfully yet. Would have to try.

I stood in the doorway and took in a deep breath and closed my eyes.. I followed Abitha's steps, careful not to skip any.

First, I thought about how I would use the water particles' power to create fire and throw it at the goblins. Next, I imagined the fire attacking the shark-goblins, burning them to the crisp. I would feel the heat, rushing through my hands, and I would hear the goblins' cries. I would see the orange flames, rushing through the water.

Here was the hardest part. I thought about what I wanted the fire to do, I imagined everything my sences would take in, and I extracted the energy power from the water particles. I had followed all of the steps as I had before, but I still didn't something different when it came to the particles. I thought about the particles and the power as two different things, not the energy coming from the particles.

The only reason I noticed that I did something different is because I heard the shark-goblin's yelps. I opened my eyes to see that the rags they were wearing were on fire. Some of the goblins had already fainted from the smoke. I closed the door, and swam up and over the wall, down to the battlefield.
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