The Shores

It seems to Pearl that nothing she ever does it right. She is made fun of at school. But Pearl's world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a strange girl. The girl helps Pearl discover her past, present and destiny. Can Pearl discover what she was born to do--in time to save her kingdom?


1. My Already Strange Life. Don't Mess it Up.

“YEOW!” I screamed.
“ You have to be more careful, Pearl. You don’t want to disturb the forest,” my dad said calmly.
“ But I stepped on a thorn!” I whimpered.
” Then you should have worn your shoes,” he pointed out.

” What are you talking about? I don’t have any shoes. I only have a layer of plastic and two leather bands that go around my foot.” I said as I was taking out the thorn.

“Be quiet. Not so many children have shoes. Oh, look, were almost there.” my dad said.

I looked where he was pointing. There I saw my house (an abandoned farm house) in the middle of its big field at the edge of the forest. Its like I live in the 1600s. I mean, we have running water and electricity and everything, but there is no T.V, no radio, not even a phone!

Don’t ask me why my dad doesn’t let me have these things. He has always been very protective of me. He never lets me go anywhere except school and the farm. I suppose you are wondering about my mom. She died shortly after I was born. I don’t remember her.

Not having a T.V doesn’t help with my social life. Not that I have one. In school, well…. Lets just say Im not that popular. I have good grades and everything, but all of the kids don’t care about that. They care if you are popular. Which Im not.

I ran inside the house and took a little nap. Then I ran outside again to check the time. Judging by the sun, I‘d say it was about midday. The rest of my Sunday turned out to be boring. Read a book, wrote in my dairy, the usual. I just wasn’t looking forward to Monday. It was back to school, back to the real world.
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