How to get an A in popularity

Destiny and Taylor are very popular girls,they face boys,the other click,fashion,secrets and loads more!But Avalon is a criss crosser wich means she does not belong to any click of a certain kind of croud,Avalon wants to be friends with Destiny but when she turns her away Taylor comes to the rescue,will they become friends?will Destiny ever be kind to anyone?find out in this book that is told through each of the girls perspectives.


1. Popular girls


Im so popular!I love it! I have my own click and a seat reserved for me and my click on the ramp,in my click is me,Olivia,Jasmin and Malissa.My name is Taylor,Taylor Walliams,i am one of the most popular girls in Hope high school.But just because im popular does not mean that i dont have enimies,in the rival click is Destiny, Samantha, Cassie and Tess.Destiny is the leader of her click and i am the leader of mine so we are natural enemies."hi Jasmin,Olivia and Malissa.Shall we head to the cantine to get lunch?"i asked "sure"they replied in unison,as we walked to the cantine we saw my boyfriend Eddie "hey babe"he said "hi,save me a table for five me,you,Jasmin,Malissa and Olivia"I asked "sure"he replied.


Im so popular!im going up to the ramp for lunch,i have a table far away from Taylor's click "hi Cassie and Samantha"i said "im here too you know"said Tess "yeah i know but since you are the new girl in my click its easy to forget"i snapped "so,im gonna go and get lunch and you three go and save my seat and a seat for Ethan too"i said "sure"said Cassie,Ethan is my boyfriend,he is the captain of the football,baseball and swimming team.I could see Taylor and her click at the ramp,why does she think she is popular?Just because she is president of the drama club,captain of the netball team and captain of the cheer squad does not mean she is popular.Im popular because i am cool,the president of the school councel,captain of the girls athletics team and captain of the girls volleyball team.

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