Never Alone

I remember reading a newspaper article about a random pattern of break-ins in the Beverly hills area, that just suddenly stopped after the second one. I decided to create the story of the break-ins, but with a twist.

A young thrillseeker has a new way of getting her rush. She decides to break into some celebrities homes.
The first few are easy, until she gets caught by the owner of a huge mansion. If that wasn't scary enough, there's one tiny thing to take into account.
The owner died 3 years ago.

Now Diana has a big secret to hide, and a bigger secret to uncover. One that could leave her the same way as her ghostly friend.


14. Breather

Lilies. I was surrounded by lilies; their waxy smell filling the air where I was. Their delicate petals brushed my cheek much softer and better than any wave back home.

"You died remember. You shouldn't be able to smell or feel anything." The encouraging part of me said, making me snap my eyelids open in shock.

"Hey, how're you feeling there?" Michael asked, as I tried to sit up.

"Am this what it's like being dead?" I groaned, as a jolt of pain shot up my leg.

"No, you're still alive. Being dead is very different to this. You're in the hospital back in California." Michael explained, placing a hand on my chest; pushing me back down.

"Wha-What happened? In Vienna, with the needle, and her death? How did I get here?"

"Shh, don't exert yourself now; you're supposed to be healing your broken leg. Let me explain. That fluid in the needle, was a highly powerful anaesthetic. You only got a bit of it, so you were knocked out for a bit, then you were in a coma for 2 weeks. The boss however, got the full dose. It's designed to slow down your reactions, and it also slowed down her heartbeat enough to make it stop. You were found, and brought back here about a fortnight ago. The broken leg came from you collapsing at an odd angle, but it's healing nicely and you'll be back to normal in a month or so." Michael said, as I lay on the stack of pillows and stuffed animals that had been tucked into my sheets.

"How are my friends and family taking it?" I asked, dislodging a heart-clutching bear.

"Your mother keeps stressing over you, but your friends and diving buddies are taking it well. As you can tell by the sheer amount of Get-Well Soon gifts, Stacey appears to be missing you. These dozen cards also help." Michael replied, as I sat up to look at my cards. There were so many of them that my bedside table was completely concealed by them. A few of them were hand-drawn images of me either cliff-diving, swimming, or in a celebrities' home.

"Wow, I had no idea that she would do this for me." I said, feeling very amazed. If only I could speak to her.

"If you want to speak to her, here she is." Michael indicated down a corridor, where I could hear her tennis-shoes squeaking down the corridor. I sat up on my elbows, and was flattened back down by Stacey in about a nano-second.

"Oh my god, Diana! How'd you manage to get in this much trouble? I mean, I thought your zipline escapades were bad, but this!" She gushed, as I managed to solidly prop myself up.

" Good to see you too, Stace." I sighed, as she's always like this when I wind up in hospital. "Anything interesting happen while I was recovering?" I asked.

"Well, put it this way. You will never have a reason to complain of boredom, again."

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