Never Alone

I remember reading a newspaper article about a random pattern of break-ins in the Beverly hills area, that just suddenly stopped after the second one. I decided to create the story of the break-ins, but with a twist.

A young thrillseeker has a new way of getting her rush. She decides to break into some celebrities homes.
The first few are easy, until she gets caught by the owner of a huge mansion. If that wasn't scary enough, there's one tiny thing to take into account.
The owner died 3 years ago.

Now Diana has a big secret to hide, and a bigger secret to uncover. One that could leave her the same way as her ghostly friend.


7. Basics

I never thought I'd say get to say this, but I'm sitting on a bed, talking to a ghost about how he ended up dead, in the middle of the most expensive mansion in Los Angeles.

"So, let me get this straight. You were close to having ties with some secret organisation, but you refused, and then let them know what you think of them. They then try and kill you with a firework, but it fails." I repeat, as I try and make sense of it all.

"Got it in one. But it left me badly burned, and relying on pain medication to stay sane. I let them know that I knew that it was them, and eventually people started to notice. They had to do it, and they did it from within. I'm surprised they took so long to finally...well, you know." He continued.

"I feel really bad now. I thought you were trying to scare me, but really you wanted my help." I feel like the lowest of the low. How can you be scared of someone who wants to finally rest in peace.

"Don't worry about it. I have that effect on people, but not on you. You've got a lot of guts. Not a lot of common sense, but a lot of guts." He says, slipping an arm around me and dragging me close. I know the lack of common sense comes from seeing me cliff-diving, but I wouldn't say I'm gutsy.

"Thankyou...erm...what do you want me to call you? I'm not sure what you'd prefer." I say, feeling a bit embarassed, as I'm going to help him find out why he was targeted especially, yet I'm not sure what I should call him.

"Just call me Michael. Anyway, you wouldn't help me, would you?" He asks.

It sounds really hard, but also daring. It sure would spice up things around here. Stacey would be furious, but that can't be helped, "Ok, I will, but what is this organization called?" I asked, as I was pulled even closer to Michael.

"The Illuminati." He said, holding on to me tightly.

I'd heard of them before. I know it's something to do with the government or celebrities, but nothing else except that. Apparently, they had something to do with Marylin Monroe and Kennedy. "I've heard of them before. Are they the ones who stopped the affair between Kennedy and Marylin Monroe?" I asked.

"That's the one. Believe me, they both got lucky. They got taken out quickly." Michael replied, shuddering. Clearly someone else got taken out slowly and nastily.

"So what should I do? If they're so powerful, how do I even stand a chance?" I asked, standing up and pacing across the room and back.

"Think of your typical investigator, or spy. You wouldn't expect them to be a 15 year old girl, would you? You also wouldn't expect them to like throwing themselves off cliffs into the sea, or have such a high pain tolerance, am I right?"

He was. "So, you're saying I have a decent chance, because I'm not what they'd expect, and I've got an extremely high pain tolerance?"

"That and your lack of obedience for the rules, strong sense of never giving up, and of course, you're not scared of anything. Well, except me when I deliberately try and scare you."

"I wasn't scared. I was surprised." I lied. After all, thrillseekers are never scared.

"Yeah, sure you were. Anyway, the first place to start, is the museum in town." He said, loading on the sarcasm for the first part.

"If the Illuminati are a secret organisation, then why would they hide in somewhere where hundreds of people go a day. Surely someone would have noticed by now." I said, ignoring the sarcasm.

He sighed then, "Didn't you ever get taught this in school. Do your research before you undertake the experiment."

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