Naomi Thornby, a shy, hardworking and intelligent girl got assigned to work with Jack Harrington, the most attractive and popular boy in the whole school, for a class project. Something unexpected happens between them both that changes Naomi's life forever.


1. New School Year. New Me.

September the 1st. A new school year.

Mum dropped me off at the school entrance,

"See you later" I muttered as I opened the car door,

"Have a good day" Mum chirped as she turned down the radio volume. I stepped out the car and walked down the steps towards school. I passed the popular barbie doll clone girls, library geeks, goths, band geeks, book worms, math geeks, punks, skaters, drama people, choir people, popular hot boys, sporty people and then the people like me who hide behind everyone else, the people who don't know which crowd they belong in as if they're drifting through high school with no place.. that's me. I belong in English or Art class, not Drama or P.E. I walked towards my best friend Molly, she was like me too, out of place 'drifting through high school'. 

"Hey" Molly breathed wile looking over my shoulder, I turned round to see Jack Harrington walking into school, as soon  as he stepped on school grounds all the pretty popular girls squealed and walked over to him in a group, his guy friends came upto him and punched him in the shoulder and talked to him about all the 'hot girls they met on holiday'.

"Here he comes, dark brown hair, dark mysterious eyes, and that hot body, what more could a girl wish for than Jack Harrington?" said Molly as if she was doing a commentary. 

I laughed and said "As if he'd notice us!"

"A girl can dream!" giggles Molly as we began to walk to form.

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