A spark of hope

This story explores the life of two girls with very different backgrounds, who become great friends


2. Hurt


Dear diary,

I’ve had a depressing childhood. Being frankly isolated and hated. By my friends and family. It was horrible.

November 14th 2000

“**** off Maria. No-one likes you. Your family don’t even like you”, smirked Jenny

“Saddo”, muttered under her breath Jess as she walked off with Jenny’s gang.

Madeline, one of Jenny’s cronies yanked Maria’s hair, and then left her.


“Mum, Maddy pulled my hair today.”

“Oh stop being such a weak person, Maria. Beca was never like you. Here you are.”

Her mum’s hand rapidly increased speed, smacking Maria’s nose, which started spluttering out blood.


By the way, Beca is my dead sister. November 14th stuck in my mind more than all the other cases.  Think because it was then I realised the world was against me.  Until I met Dikeledi; she is the future, she is hope.  For her I set up my company. Plus she is the reminder things can change.


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