Making Music with Lori

A sweet little something about a guy and his first love, Lori.


2. Perfect Cadence.

She'd been down lately.

I'd been hearing minor chords recently but

It still made me smile because

Surprisingly they were power ones.

My Lori still had power chords.


When the sweat ran down my back, and I sang staccato notes,

In an alto register,

She had power chords.

Quite a few of them too.

And they never failed to make short, sweet appearances in the bedroom.


Fragile and secure in that hospital bed.

With seemingly silent trills the air rippled,

Once, Twice,

Three times.


Until that piercing lengthy note cut in

To my brain

And split my heart in two.


It was either a high F or a high C#.

I can't remember.


All I knew was that,

I wouldn't be making anymore music with Lori.


She was in perfect cadence.


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