Making Music with Lori

A sweet little something about a guy and his first love, Lori.


1. A strong Acapella

We played, we swam, we flew.


After kicking out all of the rats under the carpet, we realized that there was hardly anything to talk about but

What we did together


Talking about your own adventures, and accomplishments

Is fun


But after a while

It gets tedious.


We remembered all the promises, and thieves along the way,

The trumpets rejoiced as we walked along the lake, 

Smelling nothing but rust and memories.


All of the fresh water shrimp had died;

A long time ago, actually.


And through it all the violins, stayed.

The tempo changed,

I couldn't keep track of it.


The cross rhythms came and went.

It got confusing and nothing was spared

But I'm a helpless romantic, 

And making music with my Lori was all I wanted to do.



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