If Walls Could Talk.

Beth & Lauren go on a hoilday but they dont know the pain and horror that the room faced. If Walls Could Talk.


1. Time To Go.

There i was sitting on my bed wondering what this years hoilday would be like, if i will meet anybody new, like boys. As if. if i cant find a boyfriend then how can i meet someone on hoilday. As i put my last piece of clothing into my nealty packed suitcase. i slam the lid down and zip it. i take my bag and head my way down staires. My Sister is allready down there Texting on her old mobile phone. she keeps begging for a new one but our parents wont let her. probally beacuse she spends all her money on crap she dont need. I place the suitcase down next to my sister, i look across to my parents suitcases. they pack more than us and were teenage girls.

"Time to go!" my dad shouts from outiside. i take my suitcase and my sisters to the car and place them in the boot. i shout my sister but she dosent pay attetion. She probally dont want to go infact i dont we've been here before why cant we go to florida or spain but no we have to go to blackpool like every year but something tells me that this is going to be a good hoilday. as i get into the car i put my seatbelt on and wait for my sister who is allready coming.

"hey sis" she says putting her seat belt on.

"hey" i say. finding a cd to listen to while we travel. i find one and pass it to my dad who is putting into the radio.

"you ready for a great hoilday" she says i know she's being scartistic. we both laugh

"yes" i say still laughing at her making funny faces behide our dad who isnt paying attetion.

we get on the on the main road and we know that were halfway. i look to my sister and she's looking at me with the eyes that says what you looking at.

"were here" she whispers. i look out the window and notice the blackpool tower, yes she was right were here.

"were we going" i say as we go into a dark allyway. my sister looks confused.

"dont worry the hotel is nice" our mum says we leave the dark allyway and we see a big builiding. its not nice infact its horrible. as we pull into a emtpy space or might i say loads. me and my sister freeze. we didnt want to get out we wanted to to go home.

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