Tattoo - 15+

Serena has a tattoo on her wrist, that is never spoken of. About six months ago, her fiance was killed in the crossfire of a gunfight, just as the tattoo had starten to heal on Serenas wrist. It read 'Mason', the name of her now past away fiance.
Clubbing and going out was always Serenas thing, but after her loss, her club - and alcohol use has increased significantly.
Every one-night stand is an attempt of a rebound, but someone worthy of the title doesn't seem to show. That is, until Jason appears. Rich, selfish, confident, but oddly kindhearted, he is maybe exactly what Serena is looking for. She convinces herself that no one, and especially not her, needs true love, when they can have hot and passionated sex, alongside a smoking hot boyfriend who buys everything she points at.
She couldn't have been more wrong... *Warning* Sexual paragraphs will occur later on in the story! Reading is your personal responsibility!


1. Tattoo


Underneath the ink of my tattoo, I try to hide my scars from you.

I'm not scared, just changing.

Right behind that cigarette and that devilish smile, you're my crack of sunlight.

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