Tattoo - 15+

Serena has a tattoo on her wrist, that is never spoken of. About six months ago, her fiance was killed in the crossfire of a gunfight, just as the tattoo had starten to heal on Serenas wrist. It read 'Mason', the name of her now past away fiance.
Clubbing and going out was always Serenas thing, but after her loss, her club - and alcohol use has increased significantly.
Every one-night stand is an attempt of a rebound, but someone worthy of the title doesn't seem to show. That is, until Jason appears. Rich, selfish, confident, but oddly kindhearted, he is maybe exactly what Serena is looking for. She convinces herself that no one, and especially not her, needs true love, when they can have hot and passionated sex, alongside a smoking hot boyfriend who buys everything she points at.
She couldn't have been more wrong... *Warning* Sexual paragraphs will occur later on in the story! Reading is your personal responsibility!


4. Stairway to Heaven

“Nice ride...” I nod approvingly when we place ourselves in the backseat of  this huge, black limousine. I've obviously found myself the Prince of the Players.

“Serena, baby, skip the chitchat, or I'll have to occupy your mouth in another way. And no, I don't mean kissing. Feel free to guess, but shut up and undress while you do it.” I hate commands, I really do. But the way he says it, make every word sound like a mix of a horny, hot guy, and deep sort of singing, makes me want to obey him immediately.

I feel for the zipper at the back of my dress, but I only find bare skin. My shoulder-blades are exposed to the back of my seat, but they aren't supposed to be.

“I opened the zipper for you, while waiting for the limo babe,” he laughs, and runs his finger down my uncovered thigh.

His explanations checks out, and seems likely, sins I was a bit blinded by him at the street. But that's nothing compared to how dazzled I am now, at his touch, and his deep, hoarse voice, obviously both impatient and well entertained.

I strip down to my bra and panties, leaving the black lace-dress on the limousine-floor.

“Not bad... Now, come here hotness, I wanna feel your bare skin,” he demands, and pulls me to his lab, still covered of those expensive jeans of his.

Hands on my hips, he starts kissing my neck, biting my ear gently, and soon he's licking from the corner of my mouth to my collar, teasingly.

I feel something grow bigger underneath me, and know in the very deep of my sex-fixated heart, that he can't hold the teasing face much longer.

I find to be right, and suddenly he grabs my waist, pushes me just the slightest away, so that he can unzip his pants, and pull his dick out from the dark. The erection is clear, of course, and it doesn't take him more than a blink of an eye to pull me back on his lab.

I feel the urge, the desire nagging inside me, and for the first time in weeks, I really feel the want, that I've missed. It had become too much of a routine, I realize, but I hold the thought in less than a second, 'cause right there, he gets my string out of the way, starts to push his penis inside me, and he glides in easily. So, I'm horny, as if I didn't know that.

He starts pumping in and out of me, sometimes letting out a moan, but not the way I'm used to. I'm used to guys pumping into me brainlessly, desperately, nothing like him, inquiring but experienced, eager but gentle.

The sensation of him, his touch, embraces me, and brings me to the edge of true pleasure, something I've missed lately. It feels like it's for real, no faking, and it feels pretty damn good.

“Look, now it's a nice ride,” he moans, and kisses my earlobe desirably.

I nod eagerly and bite my lip harder than I should. His dick inside of me brings forward emotions I'd almost forgotten, but for once it doesn't feel wrong. It feels incredible. And I want it faster, harder.

I want to say something, to scream his name, but it would be too weird during a one-night stand. It's a frustrating feeling, nagging deep within me. But I can't hold on to it, because something else entirely is deep inside of me too. Not that I exactly try to hold on to the feeling of annoyance.

I feel him getting me up higher and higher every time he moves, and when I don't know what to do with my hands I bury them in his hair. My whole body is tingling, waiting uneasily for climax.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” The strangled whisper is my own.

The car stops just before I reach my highest, and I want to scream for Jason to keep going. But he lifts me from his lap, and zips up his pants again. I pout at him, and he smiles in a way that tells me it's not over yet. He opens the door for me, and I pull down my dress and get out of the car. In front of me is just about the most expensive apartment building in all of New York City. He is even richer than I first figured.

He scans a keycard in the doorway, presses a code I don't get to see, and let us in.

The elevator is glass and gold, and bigger than any I've ever seen.

“Fifth floor,” his says, and presses the button that will take us straight to heaven.

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