Tattoo - 15+

Serena has a tattoo on her wrist, that is never spoken of. About six months ago, her fiance was killed in the crossfire of a gunfight, just as the tattoo had starten to heal on Serenas wrist. It read 'Mason', the name of her now past away fiance.
Clubbing and going out was always Serenas thing, but after her loss, her club - and alcohol use has increased significantly.
Every one-night stand is an attempt of a rebound, but someone worthy of the title doesn't seem to show. That is, until Jason appears. Rich, selfish, confident, but oddly kindhearted, he is maybe exactly what Serena is looking for. She convinces herself that no one, and especially not her, needs true love, when they can have hot and passionated sex, alongside a smoking hot boyfriend who buys everything she points at.
She couldn't have been more wrong... *Warning* Sexual paragraphs will occur later on in the story! Reading is your personal responsibility!


3. Fresh Meat

Hey... I'm Jason. What's your name beautiful?”

Nightclubs. You hate to love them, and love to hate them. What can you do?

I'm Serena!” I yell, trying to make my creepily soft voice strong enough to cut through the music.

Serena. Pretty name. Wanna dance?” In the stroboscopic light at the club, I can't really make out his exact features, but he looks a bit... Mexican, maybe. Spanish?

For all that I can see, his hair is either dark brown or completely black, and his skin is definitely a scale or two darker than mine.

My hand in his looks paler than usual as he leads my to the middle of the dance-floor, just as they change songs from Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, to 2Step by Hello Gravity. New coming band, but they're good, and I don't mind listening to their music. Kelly Clarkson on the other hand... Well, she bothers me a little.

I haven't seen you at Raven's before?” Jason asks, shouting just a little.

I'm two steps, two steps ahead.”

I'm new here, but I do a lot of clubbing. They just closed my favorite place down Cactus Street a couple of days ago.”

Yeah, favorite because one-night stands was as easy to get as a cold beer.

Damn... What was the name of it? I think I've been there once, but to be honest I was probably too drunk to remember,” he smiles, and something in the twist of his mouth makes him stand out from the others.

Slide. You know, like the dancemove? It was more of a pub with a dance-floor, but people were nice.”

Or horny, you may call it, I add in thoughts.

People are nice here too,” he promises, but his eyes mirrors my mind; They're all easy one-night stands;

And some are particularly nice,” I play along, and blink at him.

Indeed,” he replies, and smiles at me. It's that kind of sparkling, dazzling smile, from a guy who knows exactly how good-looking he is, that has always made me just a bit sick.

But, he's still hot, even in the purple/green/red/blue/ not invented color – light, and so he takes the price as the hottest male figure I've seen in months. Normally this kind of light only shows of their bad sides.

And because I usually spend the rest of my time with them in a semi-dark bedroom, I never get to know the good sides.

Maybe I'm a bit forward, but wanna crash a hotel? Fresh meat is rare in this part of town.” It's an obvious invitation, such a pathetic move, but it's what I was prepared to fight for all night, so instead of answering, I move my right hand down to the zipper of his Giorgio Armani jeans and find what I'm looking for.

Oh, is that money in your pocket, or are you thinking dirty thoughts about such an innocent girl as me?” I say this while still teasing around at his zipper, making myself look everything but innocent.

Like I said, I like fresh meat... Come on,” he says, and takes a firm grip at my wrist, to lead me out of the club.

Fresh meat... I frown as we leave the club. I don't like being called fresh meat. That means he has plenty of old, and though I've turned into a bit of a playgirl myself, I don't like players.

Fresh meat... Insulting, but I can't say it isn't true. And outside, under the streetlights, he is even hotter than inside, at least for the brief second I get to look, before we step into the limo, and drive away in the night.

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