The Story of Toph

The Story of Toph Bei Fong, 17 years after the end of The Hundred Year War


1. An invatation

The sun rose gently over Republic city- the morning traffic yet to accumulate as the first automobiles trudged their way out onto the cobbled streets.  Shop owners, began opening taking down the shutters of their shops as the woman hung out freshly cleaned washing from the washing-lines full of clothes that hung over the streets below.  Though most citizens had been up an hour or two, Toph Bei Fong- chief of the metal bending police, had been up since the dark hours of the morning; though most would have seen this as a sign that she was worried about something, those who knew her well enough knew that this was regular occurrence for Toph- who would often get up before dawn to train before beginning her day on the force.

The training room was predominantly silent, except from the sound of Toph bending her metal wires at the worn out dummies that lay ahead of her. She began to pant as the wire struck an almost perfect every time, the wires shooting through the air like bullets; every hit cause the seaming of the fabric dummy to fracture- spilling out its stuffing like blood from a battle wound. With one last thrust of her wrists- the two wires leapt forward, decapitating the head of the dummy quickly and cleanly; satisfied, Toph straightened up- sweating and tired from the vigorous work out. A smirk formed across her face as she felt the vibrations of the head rolling across the floor- as she retracted the long tendrils that came from the gloves on her hands.

Turning to the shower room, Toph reached up and took her head piece out, causing her hair to fall out of place, and down to her shoulder blades. The cold shower felt quite pleasant against Toph’s pale skin, the runnels and droplets of water cascading across her bare body as she wriggled her toes against the cold tiled floor. Silence, though sometimes it was the worst thing in the world, it was at a time like this when Toph knew she was purely alone- did she actually enjoy the comfort of her own breathing and the water rushing through the metal pipes beside her. It was at times like these, that she thought of her mother and father- and wondered where they were now. It often saddened her that her parents did not accept her for who she was, yet she felt grateful for that sense of un-acceptance because without it; Toph would not be in the same situation as she were today. Toph sighed with content, brushing her hair back before turning the shower off with one flick of her hand.

After drying herself, Toph wrapped the long silk robe around her; leaving her hair still sodden with water. She grabbed her clothes and made her way out of the gym- and into the long marble corridor of the Police station. No one else had arrived yet, so she took her time strutting down to her office on the second floor. Unlike most of the office, Toph’s office was made of stone- not Marble. It was certainly not what the builders of the Police Station initially wanted but Toph had insisted- saying it would be easier for her to see what she was doing and where she was walking. If she of had her way- the whole building would have been made out of stone but she had settled for Marble.  Crossing her office, or secondary home as she called it sometimes, she felt the drops of water from her hair splash against the floor. Getting dresses into her uniform, the metal plating fit nicely over her black under shirt and trousers, Toph began to feel the faint vibrations from the footsteps of other members of the metal bending police arrive at work- a  feeling that bought a smile of pride to her face.  As she combed through her hair, thinking about her patrol route today, the door opened and someone stepped in. Toph smiled feeling the presence of an all too familiar friend; she stood, fixing her hair into its usual style before turning to face their general direction.

“Morning, Twinkle toes” Toph smirked at Avatar Aang, who stood just inside the door. He wore his traditional Airbender robes, and Toph could almost feel his face crinkle in frustration at her child like name calling.

“Toph, seriously?” he sighed with a slight chuckle “I’m almost 31, and you’re still calling me Twinkle Toes?”

Toph nodded, smirking as she sat back down in her office chair before her tone became more professional rather than friendly “What can I do for you Aang?”

“I am not here to ask for your assistance Toph,” Aang crossed the room and sat opposite his friend “Katara has invited you to dinner tonight”

“Oh” Toph said, sitting less formally than she had been “That’s kind of her, what’s the occasion?”

“We just felt like having a get together” Aang smiled, placing his hands together on the table “For old time’s sakes”

Toph paused before asking, rather sourly “Is Sokka going to be there?”

Sokka, was the one of two men she loved- he led her on so many times, breaking her heart so many other times. She often wondered if love even existed but then she just had to think of her true feelings for Katara’s older brother and she found her answer. There had been something between the two, when Toph was 18 and he- 21. She had been sure he had loved her too, but the flame seemed to have died on Suki’s return from Kyoshi Island. Despite both working for republic city, Toph rarely saw Sokka; and when she had to see him, she avoided the confrontation and sent one of her co-workers instead. She didn’t see Sokka as an enemy but she hated him for his nature of toying with her over the years; and Sokka knew Toph wasn’t a forgiving person when it came to feelings.

“Yes, he is” Aang frowned slightly “Is that a problem?”

Toph shook her head once “Not at all, I will try make it”

Aang stood, bowing slightly “Thank you, I will tell Katara that we will be expecting you”

Toph waved him out, as he turned and left. She sighed pondering tonight’s dinner with Aang family and Sokka, wondering if she should just go back to her apartment and eat dinner by herself instead of going to the get-together; but she’d feel bad for letting Aang down and for wasting the delicious food Katara would un-doubtedly prepare for her.  Standing, Toph straightened her headpiece before leaving her office and the station altogether- ready to make her daily round on Republic city. City life was in full motion now; people swarmed the streets like cattle, the auto-mobiles rushed past and groups of children congregated together as they made their way to school- excited whispers of bending class or the history of the world on their tongues. Through the noise and the hurriedness of everyday life- the average person would not have heard the cry for help that sounded from an alley way, however the plea was picked up by Toph’s over-sensitive hearing and she immediately sprang into action. Slamming her barefoot against the pavement, Toph felt for the vibrations of a struggle through the many footsteps that pounded against the streets.

She found what she was looking for, two men down an alley not far from her current position- one holding the other by his collar shaking him violently.  She examined through the vibrations the alley, she felt the metal pole 10 meters up at the entrance, she felt the solid back wall of the dead end, she felt every crack and crevice in the pavement- every heartbeat of the poor victim.  Once her survey was done, she broke into a sprint for the alley- knocking over a cabbage cart on the way. Turning down the alley, Toph shot a wire to the pole, swinging herself up and around the pole once- before letting the pole go, and shooting the other wire at the attacker. It hit his face hard, with a large crack, sending the criminal tumbling limply to the ground.  

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