Cold song

Every second

My heart is singing

But when the music dies

Everything get's cold, cold, cold...


2. Transformation

My breath felt warm against my cold lips. My skin was cold, colder than i've ever felt before. Through my red sight i saw the vampire-man. He looked at my inside-burning body.
I tried to speak. Not a word drew over my lips. I tried to raise my freezing body, but i could not move. I could only see him. The vampire. The man.
The frozen grass under my cold, cold skin was sparkling. Sparkling like thousands of pure diamonds.
My heart started to harden. The acid had fossilized my veins and all my inner organs. My skin was hard as marble and icecold.
Then suddently something stated to happen. My breath was no longer warm on my fossilized lips. It was natrual. Like it was normal temperature. It was odd and a bit scary. My breath was also cold as ice... not anymore.My skin felt also normal. No freezing cold skin, just marble.

My body was strong, and I felt... I felt reborn. From the ashes of my former life, an amazing beautiful and terrorfying creature stood forward. I sented the smell of everything near me. The vampire-man, the frozen grass under my feet. The dry air around me.

I did not feel the chilly winds from north. It felt more like a warm flirt from a dear freind. I also felt stronger. I took the step and araised me from the grass. Glittering frost-crystals brightened the lawn in a fantastic sight.

My transformation was complete.

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