Cold song

Every second

My heart is singing

But when the music dies

Everything get's cold, cold, cold...


1. Needle

The frozen grass under my bare feet. The glittering snowflakes on the lawn reflected all light. The gigantic lawn suddenly sparkled incredibly when a white shadow crossed the sky. The white shadow landed safely on the ground a few meters from me. The cold wind whistled my thin nightdress. I took a insecure step forward the shadow. My mind told me to stop walking, but it was like a invisible robe dragging me to the white shadow. The frozen grass crackled cold in my ears. My eyes saw the white shadow move; move as fast as lightning. The grass sparkled again. My body stopped suddenly. The white shadow was gone. The cold from the wind stroke me again. My body felt cold. I would die of coldness. But then suddenly a hand was placed on my shoulder. My heart stopped. The hand was cold and hard, but still it felt very soft and light. Just like a fossilized feather. The icecold hand turned me around. And right there in front of me I saw the most beautiful creature I ever have seen. A vampire. Cold as ice; hard as stone; seductive as no man. But a incredible dangerous creature. My white and cold skin got even colder around his hand. I closed my eyes. Opened them again.

Then, as fast as lighting, the vampire-man slashed through the air and bit me. A flaming pain burned from my neck and made my sight completely red. I fell on me knees. Looked him straight int the eyes, not screaming outside but inside. The insane pain burned trough my veins. The poison attacked my body fast. It felt like my heart was literally ripped out and dipped in acid. The vampire-man hold my head between his fingers. He kissed my forehead, whispering: "I'm sorry". Then he let me go. I fell on the cold, cold grass, and curved my body together in pain. A terrible piecing scream flashed over my dry lips. The poison kept jabbing in my already blooding heart. Like needles. Burning, toxic needles.

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