Don't change

I was tired of being the geek, the loner, the fat one. I wanted more than one friend. I wanted to be popular, pretty, sexy. So I got a makeover..


30. Trying


I woke up early on Sunday morning especially, so I could text Maya before she could go out. I was already ready when I send the message - up, dressed and chewing minty fresh gum. I was trembling all over, nervous to my very core. I waited neviusly for a couple of minutes, but then she relied back yes. Now all I had to do was wait...
When Maya came I had know idea of what to say. I wanted to say about her changing, about her being popular, and about Dan's bet. I tried rehearsing in my head and out loud, but it was no use. Maya messed with my head, and anything I said now wouldn't be what I said when she was here. Resigned, I sat on the floor by the door and waited.
The minutes seemed like hours, but soon I heard a knock on the door. I jumped up, smoothing my hair at the same time, and opened the door. It was Maya.
She was wearing a hoodie, a charcoal colour with writing on, and pale blue skinny jeans - highlighting her toned legs. Her hair was straight, blowing her face. Her beautiful face, that today looked perfect. Perfect, but plastic. Maya's face looked like Barbie's.
"Come in," I said, my voice as stiff as a plank of wood. I couldn't help it, somehow I had expected the old Maya to be at the door.
I moved out of the way, and she walked inside. I overtook her and led her through the hallway, restraining myself from bolting up the stairs, or into lounge, and locking the door. Finally I got to the garden door, and I went outside and sat under the tree, purely so my back wouldn't give way from nerves. Maya sat next to me, her eyes penetrating into mine.
"So what do you want to talk about?" She said, without taking her eyes away from mine. I broke the contact, and looked away. I fiddled with my fingers, and tok deep breaths. I tried to plan what to say, how to say it. Maya was getting impatient, and so was the sky. Rain was coming, I could feel it.
What would I do now?
God, please, please help me.
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