Don't change

I was tired of being the geek, the loner, the fat one. I wanted more than one friend. I wanted to be popular, pretty, sexy. So I got a makeover..


12. The Kiss


Later that day, after school, Maya came round. She was wearing old joggers, a sky-blue hoodie that complemented her figure, and a dark blue tote bag. I admired her for being able to lose all that weight in a good way, and it made me love her more than ever. "Heya!" Maya said as she walked over. "Hi!" I replied, gave her a warm embrace. I smelt her sweet smell, she smelt like roses and vanilla. She pulled away, and we went up into the treehouse. It wasn't a treehouse as much now, more a hangout house. At the end of the garden there was a tall sturdy tree, and when I was young it was the thing I wanted most on the world. For my 9th birthday my dad built one, and from there we have always improved it, painted it, even found some windows from the dump nearby. Now it was more a house in a tree than a treehouse. I loved it, and so did Maya. It was our special place, full of memories.

 Anyway, we went in the treehouse and did the usual, playing music, arguing and just generally chatting. We talked about everything, from my mum's cake shop (yummy cakes), to her makeover (she looks amazing now), to Miss Bumley (an old hag everybody hated). That why I liked about being with Maya, I could always talk to her. All too soon it was nearly time for Maya to go, but before she went I wanted to show her something. I had made her a cake - with the help of my mum. It was red and shaped like a rose, and inside there was vanilla sponge and rose petals. The cake reminded me of her so much, sometimes I almost wanted to talk to it, and to tell it how much I love her. I went in, brought the cake out and showed it to her. "It's lovely!" She excalimed, and my heart sung with pride. I put it back inside, and went back outside. I saw Maya crouched at the top of the ladder, with her hands pointed lke she was about to dive into a swimming pool. "I'm gonna jump!" She shouted down to me, and my face went pale.

"Don't Maya, you'll hurt yourself!" I shouted up.

"What? Is ickle little Alex scared?" She taunted in a baby voice, and with that she jumped. I raced to where she jumped from, it was a good 4 metres up, and caught her as she fell. Her weight made me tumble over backwards, making me lie in the grass with her on top of me. I looked into her eyes, so much like a tropical ocean, and I began to lean in. She did the same, and our lips touched.

Sparks flew everywhere, but it was not a passionate kiss. Far from it, it was soft and gentle, sweet and loving. My hands were round her back, pulling her towards me, and her hands were tangled in my hair. I felt butterflies all through my body. It was perfection.

Abruptly, Maya pulled away. "I, um really, um have to go. Thankyoufortoday." She stuttered, her words uneven and barely understandable at the end. She grabbed her bag and began to run off. "Cake!" I called and she looked at me ashamed and grabbed it. She went back to hr house, and I was left standing there in a daze. Did that really just happen? I thought to myself. One thing for sure, I hoped Maya enjoyed it as much as I did... 

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