Don't change

I was tired of being the geek, the loner, the fat one. I wanted more than one friend. I wanted to be popular, pretty, sexy. So I got a makeover..


8. The best first day ever?


I got out the car door and slammed it. The crowd of students who were hanging around the gates, the geeks with their books ready and opened, the emos hunched against the wall, the popular bitches gossiping in the centre of the hard courts and the chavs smoking behind the wheelie bins, all faced me. "Take a picture it'll last longer, babe," I said to the nearest person, a chav who had dropped his cigarette staring at me. As soon as I said that, people gradually came closer.

I was not sure, whether it was my attitude, or my customised uniform (short and fat tie, skirt so short you could see my suspenders, and my shirt tied in a knot so you could see my newly flat stomach) or my face, which now looked pretty, but whatever it was it worked. Everyone wanted to see the 'new girl'.

Inside the front corridor I saw Dan snogging Courtney Lipman, but when he saw the crowd around me he rushed over. "Hey sexy," he said to me, pushing his way through the crowd. I did a happy dance in my head; that was the first (nice) thing he had ever said to me! "Hey hot stuff, I replied, winking at the end.

I walked up to collect my locker key from reception - with the stupid crowd still following me and shouting stuff at me - and on the way I saw Alex. He gasped when he saw me, and I flashed him a small smile. After I had got my locker and put my stuff away I went to form. I was in a form with Alex, Courtney and Dan, which before I had always hated but now proved perfect to help me with my plan.

When I walked in the door I saw that my form tutor, Miss Healey, had put a seating plan up. I sat in the back row, next to Dan and Alex (lucky me!) Dan walked in just before the bell went, and he sidled up to me. "Hey babe," he said while smiling, and Alex turned away disgusted, "what's a beautiful girl like you doing sitting in the seat of a fat, geeky girl? Also, I never did catch your name, by the way." "That's because I didn't throw it," I replied, and the class went quiet to hear what my name was. "And yes Dan I should, because I'm Maya Micharo." Everyone gasped loudly, but then Miss Healey came in and took the register. I was almost excited for next lesson, to find out what happens. Would my plan work, or would everyone drop me now they knew I was Maya?

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