Don't change

I was tired of being the geek, the loner, the fat one. I wanted more than one friend. I wanted to be popular, pretty, sexy. So I got a makeover..


31. I tried

"Maya, you're in danger. Dan's made a bet, a bet to have sex with you, thats the only reason he's dating you. It's with Jordan, and he will get the £100 if he can."
The voice that spoke didn't sound like mine, it was quiet and crackly. I glanced at Maya, waiting to see her reaction. Surely she would see sense, and apologise. I didn't expect her to burst out laughing.
Her was shrill and cold, like a rapier blade. I narrowed my eyes, and I felt my cheeks flush.
"They did Maya, I heard them." I said indignantly.
"Really?" She replied, laughing in the same, icy way as before. "Seriously? Dan would never do anything like that. He's a nice guy. He wouldn't make up rumours about his friend's boyfriend either!"
That was low, very low. She covered her mouth as soon as she'd said it, but the damage was already done. Tears came to my eyes, but I wouldn't cry, I wouldn't show her that I was weak. I was sad, angry, confused and hurt. My anger was taking over though, I could feel it rushing through my blood like boiling oil.
"I'm not lying Maya, why do you think that? Just because you've changed for the worst doesn't mean I have!" I stood up, angrier than ever. I knew my words were harsh, but so had hers been. It was childish, but I couldn't help myself. I rose to my feet, and Maya did the same.
"Yeah, I've changed, but I'm glad!" Maya shouted, eyes blazing with anger and cheeks flushed. Woah, she was mad. "I'm popular, I've got friends, I'm cool. I'm glad I'm not the geeky, fat girl who no-one likes!"
"I liked her," I murmured, my voice barely escaping my lips. "I liked her smile, the way her face lit up. I liked her jokes, the way she laughed. I liked her kindness, she would never say a bad word anout anybody. I liked her opinions and debates, the way we could argue and still be friends. I liked the way she didn't wear lots of makeup, her natural beauty. I liked her old-fashionned ways, she would never flirt with anyone. I liked her uniqueness, her style. I liked all of her, even though she didn't. I loved her. I still do. Don't change, Maya, please not anymore. I love you."
I had said it, something I had never planned to today. The big L-word. I love you. Three simple word that could change my life forever.
At that moment the rain began - big, heavy droplets that felt icy cold on my face. I was drenched, and so was Maya. She just looked at me, staring deep into my eyes. The look on her face reminded me of something; the look of a small child being told a fact they don't quite believe. I waited for her to speak, but she didn't. Then I leaned and and kissed her.
It was a passionate kiss, and I let my emotions out in it. As Maya curled her fingers round my neck, I felt sparks. Our tongues played a game in eachover's mouths, desperately trying to win. I never wanted this to end.
Abruptly, Maya pulled away. She stared at me again, with the same look on her face. Then she turned on her heels and ran.
I was left there alone, sobbing in the rain

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