Don't change

I was tired of being the geek, the loner, the fat one. I wanted more than one friend. I wanted to be popular, pretty, sexy. So I got a makeover..


33. Courtney Lipman


The next morning, I woke up late. Very late, in fact. The kind of late where you just have time to put your school uniform on before running out the door. I started to scramble out of bed, but then I realised that if I went into school late, and walked into the lesson totally blasé I would get extra cool points. Well, not really, but you get what I mean. I made sure that my hair was perfect, that my makeup was perfect (which took a lot of effort to cover up the dark circles under my eyes) and that my school uniform perfect. Perfection. That was my goal.

It was the end of my second lesson when I walked in. Everyone looked at me in shock, and a few mouths opened. This is was nothing like the Maya they all knew from before. I cast a withering look back at them and began to paint my nails my new favourite colour - white. Simple, sexy and beautiful. Just who I wanted to be.

The teacher cleared is throat. "Maya?" He said, almost timidly. It was Mr Walker, last year I had been his star pupil. He used to be my favourite teacher. "What?" I replied. He definitely wasn't anymore. "Please can you explain your lateness for me?" "Nope." I replied, popping the 'p'. I had done one of my hands now, all of them shining ithe artificial light. "And also, Maya, you are not allowed painted nails in school. Please stop painting your nails, and open your textbook to page fifty-nine." He continued, even more timidly. This power was a strange feeling, and I almost enjoyed it. "Why should I?" My voice was dripping in menace, and to match it I glared at him, looking straight into his eyes. "Because you want an education?" "if I wanted an education, I wouldn't have come here. I would have gone somewhere where they can actually teach me something." I replied. This feeling of power was good, very good. "Now Maya, please don't be like that." Mr Walker was practically begging me now, desperate he wanted the old Maya back, I could tell. But she wasn't coming out, she was never coming out again. Even if I wanted her to, "Be like what? Be me? And anyway, it's not like anyone else thinks that we learn anything here, is it?" The class murmured in agreement, leading Mr Walker looking panicked. He opened his mouth, but then the bell went. Break time, I felt like I deserved it after that. Annoyingly, a part of me felt bad. Quite a large part of me, in fact. However, I wouldn't let that part get in the way, not now, not never.

As I walked out of class, Courtney Lipman approached me, her perfect blonde hair in perfect blonde curls swaying around her perfectly tanned face. She reminded me of Barbie, especially today with her baby pink lipstick. "Heya hun!" She exclaimed walking up beside me, a perfect sexy walk with her perfect hips swaying. "I loved how you owned Mr Walker back there! I mean seriously, everyone hates his lessons, don't they? Ugh so boring! Loving ya nails by the way!" I tried not to act to happy or too weird, desperate to keep it cool. Since I had started dating Dan, she had been ignoring me, but obviously she had changed her mind. "IKR! I mean, no one cares about who died in what battle because they're dead. Never gonna meet them, never gonna see them. So why know evry single detail about them? It's like he's training us to be stalkers." I replied. Courtney uttered a laugh, perfect of course. "You're so funny! OMG! I'm gonna get a salad, you coming?" "Sure," I said, and she linked arms with me and together we walked to the canteen. If I wanted to become the most popular girl in the school, I would have to overtake Courtney. Beat her in the game of Popularity. And today, I had just got myself another point.

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