Don't change

I was tired of being the geek, the loner, the fat one. I wanted more than one friend. I wanted to be popular, pretty, sexy. So I got a makeover..


32. A hint of green


I didn't do anything that afternoon. I just sat alone, in my room, staring at the wall. My phone was buzzing like crazy, and the rain was still pouring outside. I just sat, staring at the wall.
My walls were blue, a light blue, with just a hint of green. The colour of a tropical sky, the colour of a tropical sea, the colour of holidays. I felt a connection with that colour. It was my soul. At some point I fell asleep, an uneasy dream drifting through my head.
I was in a desert, on the back of a camel. The white orb of the sun was pounding down on the back of my neck, and I could feel it scorching red. I had very little water left, but I was happy. I was having fun.
Then a sandstorm began, golden sand swirling in torrents round my body. My camel got scared by the storm, and bucked it legs and ran, leaving me alone on the ground. I tried to move but I couldn't, sharp shooting pains ran through my leg. I must have hurt it in my fall.
Then the men came. They all wore black turbans, with black gowns, that flowed behind them on their black horses. The only colour was the red on the reins, like a dash of ketchup on your favourite black shirt. They rode up to me, and stopped their horses. The men parted and, I assume, their leader rode through the gap.
Whereas the men had worn black, this leader wore red. He wore no turban, and I was barely prepared for his face, his handsome face. His unblemished ebony skin, his perfectly square jaw. But his eyes, they disturbed me. They were bright red, like his clothes. So bright, they were painful to look at. And they seemed to burn through me, tearing me apart.
The Captain (that name seemed to fit him perfectly) uttered a harsh word in a different language, and then a man picked me up. I was slung over his shoulder, before the horses began to gallop away over the sand dunes. We went on a journey, through miles and miles of the desert, gallopping so far the scenery was just a blur. The ride seemed to last hours, but then me stopped. We were at the ocean.
I was drawn to the ocean, with it's beautiful blue sea, with just a hint of green. I tried to wiggle out from the man in black's arm, but he was too strong. I couldn't reach it, and it gave me an aching pain in my chest.
Next the men on horses made a circle, with the Captain in the middle. A few men got out drums, and began to beat them.
Crash, crash, crash.
I was roughly thrown into the middle.
Crash, crash, crash.
The Captain walked up to me, surveyed me, then tied me up with a red sash.
Crash, crash, crash.
Then he began to dance, slowly at first, in time with the drums.
Crash, crash, crash.
I watched his vermillion eyes, more on fire now than ever.
Crash, crash, crash.
Moving aound me, elegantly but dangerously.
Crash, crash, crash.
Then the drums sped up, and so did Captain.
Crash, crash, crash, crash.
Twirling around me closer and closer, as the drums went even faster.
Crash, crash, crash, crash, crash.
His eyes, they were white hot now, now they were blue.
Crash,crash, crash, crash, crash, crash.
The drums were beating at a freezing speed now, and I was feeling feverish.
Crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash.
His eyes, now a bright blue with just a hint of green.
Crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash ,crash.
That colour, that hurt me so much, giving me searing pains worse than anything I ever imagined.
Crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash.
I began to scream in agony.
Crash, crash , crash, crash, crash, crash, crash.
Crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash.
With a hint of green.
Crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash.
I couldn't take it anymore, I would explode.
But then the drums stopped. Captain took out a long, curved sword, that was on fire with a blue liquid.
That had just a hint of green.
And he plunged it into my heart.

I woke up, my body dripping in sweat. I switched on my bedside light, and it was everywhere.
That blue, with a hint of green.
I couldn't take it, I ran into the spare room.

There it was white, cool, calm and collected.
White would be my colour now.
I slept again.
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