Don't change

I was tired of being the geek, the loner, the fat one. I wanted more than one friend. I wanted to be popular, pretty, sexy. So I got a makeover..


23. A Cinema Date


The next day I had forgotten all about my worries with Alex and Dan - I put it down to hormones. From the minute I woke up, I was almost drunk with excitement, and nothing would put a stop to it. I tried texting friends (Lisa was going to come round for lunch to help me get ready), watching TV and I even made scones in my desperation.
Finally, after a mixture of reading, cooking, lounging and talking to Mum (she seemed just excited as me), Lisa turned up. We chatted and ate lunch (some weird but yummy American creation of Dad's) and then it was time for us to get started. First of all, Lisa decided to do clothes, so we foraged through my wardrobe until we found something suitable, dark skinnies with an American print top. My trusty battered black converse completed my outfit.
For my hair, Lisa loosely curled the ends, and put in a pretty hairband. She did natural make-up, gentle blush, light foundation and taupe eyeshadow, but in the end I thought it looked nice. Lisa obviously thought so too, as at the end of her transformation she gave a little scream and pulled me into a hug.
"You look gorgeous!" She screamed surveying my face and outfit, before pulling me back into a hug. I smiled at this, typical Lisa. Smiley and cheery, she was one of my best friends now. I was glad to have 'found' her.
A ring of the doorbell made Lisa stop hugging me, and she dashed over to the front facing window. My room's on the front right corner, with one window facing forward, and another one facing right. Out of the front window you can see the street, and who's waiting at the door. "It's Dan!" She excitedly screeched, and began to pull me downstairs. I opened the door and there stood Dan. When he saw me he flirtatiously smiled, and I did the same. He pulled me in for a quick peck, his peppermint lips gently pressed on mine. The peck became more intense, until his tongue started begging for entrance.
At that moment Lisa coughed, I had totally forgotten about her standing there. "Sorry Lisa," I said, not meeting hers eyes, and she and Dan laughed. "Don't worry, girl, just have fun!" She warmly replied, and hugged me again.
"Laters you two, text me!" Lisa walked off down the road, leaving me and Dan to smile at each over. Abruptly, however, Lisa stopped and turned round, a wicked grin on her face.
"USE PROTECTION!" She screamed, laughed to herself, then walked away. I was left standing there with Dan under the porch. "So...?" I started, but Dan pulled me into a kiss again. This kiss was urgent and passionate, and our tongues were fighting in a battle that I was losing...
Eventually I regretfully pulled away. "We'd better be getting going," I said, looking deep into his eyes, "otherwise we might miss the film."
He returned my intense gaze, his gaze seeming to read my innermost thoughts. "Yeah," he replied, and took my hand in his, laced our fingers together and we walked into town.
The cinema was about ten minutes walk away, but the journey seemed to take longer. The rare snippet conversation was awkward - lots of the time an uncomfortable silence filled the air - and I felt like we were missing something. Or someone. I wasn't sure, to be honest.
When we got the cinema we queued up, waiting to get our tickets. Once we were at the box office, Dan bought our tickets, cheap ones a showing of a horror movie from a couple of years ago.
After he did that I stood there shocked, I didn't even like horror! He hadn't asked me! Alex would have...
I dug my nails into my palms, deciding to ignore that thought. Anyway, if it was a horror movie, I would be able to cuddle into his chest the whole time, and/or have a good snog. Neither of these things required watching the actual film.
Next we went over to the snack bar, and we queued up again. There wasn't any conversation here either, just the same awkward silence. All my attempts at conversation failed, I tried talking about songs, the queue, the film and even the weather in absolute desperation. My reply from Dan was only a grunt or a nod, at best a 'yeah'. Exasperated, I gave up, and waited for us to be served.
When we got to be served, Dan dived straight in, ordering himself a large coke and some popcorn. Just as he was about to pay I butted in. "Can I have a small popcorn please?" I asked the lady, and she obediently did me one. "Why do you want popcorn?" Dan hissed at me, eyes narrow, " I'm not rich like you!"
I didn't know whether to take this as a complement or what, so I replied; "Well I'll pay for it then." I looked at him steadily, no emotion showing on my made-up face.
"Don't you worry about your weight then?" He said, glaring right at me.
That was harsh, and hurt shot through me. My weight was still a sore point with me, although I exercised lots and ate healthy, I was still worried about the pounds creeping on.
"Well I thought I could have a treat, as it's a date," I said defensively, "and I don't have to eat all of it, if I can't you can anyway."
Dan gave an annoyed sigh, but he took my hand again and we walked into the film...
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