Diary of a Dead Girl.

Kayla is a 19 year old. Like many others Kayla keeps secrets. Lots of secrets. Secrets she could never tell, not until she was dead anyway. So that's just what Kayla did, she committed suicide so she could tell the one person she trust most, her best friend Andy.


1. - Prologue -


    I stared down at her cold, dead body. Fresh warm tears fell from my watering eyes. My best friend was dead. Not only was she dead, she killed herself. An empty bottle of pills lay beside her body. I thought she was happy, she’d always tell me she was happy. I never once saw a frown upon her face when she was with me. She’d flash her teeth at me as she gave me a massive grin. What could possibly have driven her to the edge? Made her so depressed that she’d want to commit suicide? The paramedics and police barged into her apartment pushing me aside.

“How long as she been like this?” “What’s her name?” “When did you find her?” All sorts of questions were fired my way. I managed to break my eye contact with her dead body. I looked to the first person I saw, a police woman looking about in her early 30’s. I tried to answer but all that came out of my mouth were sobs. How could she leave me in this world? So alone and depressed? I fell to the floor, crying hysterically.

“Are you Andy?” I looked up from the floor. A paramedic was staring at me, with a slight frown on his lips. I still couldn’t speak, so I managed to nod my head slightly. “I believe she wanted you to have this” He handed me a book. No not just any book, her diary. She wouldn’t let anyone read that thing ever. I reached out my shaking hands to grab hold. I stuttered out a small thanks and wiped my tears with the end of my sleeve.



I can’t even imagine how you’re feeling right now. I’m sorry for having to do this, but I need to get away from everything. I can’t handle this anymore. It’s all too much for me to cope with. I want you to have my diary; you’ll understand why I did what I did. But for now just understand that I didn’t want to hurt anybody, move on and live life.

I’m sorry. – Kayla xoxo’

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