A young boy meets the local village wizard who gives him the ability to turn invisible. The boy soon turns evil and decides to rob a bank. Will he ever lern what matters the most and comes first in life?


3. Spell Time

"Hello!" the little man said joyfully. "If you have come to look for a spell, you have come to the right place. Before I say anything else, I am a wizard so if you misbehave you will get sent to jail immediately, do you understand?"

"Y - yes", Eddie said nervously. He knew had to be careful with wizards around. Anyway the wizard showed Ed around the shop when finally Ed saw a spell called: IVISIBILITY SPELL. "I'll take this, how much is it?" Ed asked quickly. "That would be five gold coins, is that ok? Eddie looked at his pouch with buldging saved up money."Yep!" and with that, Eddie ran all the way home.

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